Rafael Pérez Evans at NOGUERAS BLANCHARD / Barcelona

Rafael Pérez Evans / Pavo Realengo

September 5th through September 23th. 

Nogueras Blanchard, Barcelona
Carrer Isaac Peral, 7
08902 L'Hospitalet de Llobregat

Barcelona, Spain

Ragna Bley at Editorial / Vilnius


September 7 – 12, 2017

Editorial, Vilnius

Colin Penno at Berthold Pott / Cologne

Colin Penno / MOB

8 September – 7 October 2017

Berthold Pott
An der Schanz 1a
50735 Cologne

Elif Saydam at Ashley / Berlin

Elif Saydam / NO R.E.M.

On view September 15-September 24, 2017

Oranienstrasse 37, 10999 Berlin

Reassembly by Tinos Quarry Platform in collaboration with the Cultural Foundation of Tinos / Cultural Foundation of Tinos, Tinos, Cyclades, Greece

Adel Abidin Iraq / Finland / Jordan ), G Douglas Barrett (USA), Sari Carel (Israel / USA), Emma Dusong (France), Dora Economou ( Greece), Francesco Gagliardi (Italy / Canada), Giorgos Koumendakis (Greece), Alyssa Moxley (USA / Greece), Melody Nixon (New Zealand / USA), Lena Platonos (Greece), Tao G. Vrhovec Sambolec (Slovenia / Netherlands), Raphael Sbrzesny (Germany), Petros Touloudis (Greece), Samson Young (Hong Kong), Hong-Kai Wang (Taiwan)
Curated by: G Douglas Barrett, Petros Touloudis

Duration: July 5 – October 31, 2017

Organized by:  
Tinos Quarry Platform in collaboration with the Cultural Foundation of Tinos

Cultural Foundation of Tinos, Tinos, Cyclades, Greece

Raphael Sbrzesny, Castel Volturno (2010),video, 4:25 min

Reassembly Exhibition View, Economou, Sambolec

OBJECT LESSONS at KV Verein für zeitgenössische Kunst Leipzig e.V. / Leipzig


7—23 September 2017

KV Verein für zeitgenössische Kunst Leipzig e.V.

Harun Farocki, Stephanie Kiwitt, Marie-Luise Marchand, Wenzel Stählin, Carsten Tabel  

Curated by Wenzel Stählin and Agnieszka Roguski

Opening : September 26, 2017 Neither Innocent Nor Guilty at Daily Lazy Projects Athens

Walt Van Beek
Erika Hock
Pim Kersten
Giorgos Kontis
Giacomo Santiago Rogado
Ilias Papailiakis
Antonis Pittas

Curated by Giorgos Kontis

The new is new in its relation to the old, to tradition.[1]

The aesthetic regime of the arts is first of all a new regime for relating to the past. It actually sets up as the very principle of artisticity the expressive relationship inherent in a time and a state of civilization.[2]

The making of art comes along with a sense of repetition; instead of a Tabula Rasa there is a confrontation and an endeavour in dealing and being in a dialogue with the past and the spectres that come along with it. The past as both heritage and burden, and a repetition that is inevitable yet impossible as well; the work of art rooted in tradition, yet an ever changing one with a sense of an aura being constantly redefined. Formalism after semiotics, medium specificity and a sense of materiality that becomes questioned and explored; expanded forms of painting and sculpture in an endeavour to trace their relationship and its continuity with the past, as well as with the exhibition space that hosts and witnesses that and becomes flexible -intangible and conceptual itself.

The making of art as well as the exhibition space as a figure are in an ever present challenge and demand to be in sync with their time. What emerges is a duality in the space the artwork inhabits; a space in language, in its medium and cultural context, and the exhibition space in which it is physically present.
A coexistence of the work with the past and within the cultural context, as well as within and with the exhibition space. And, a question about how seemingly traditional forms of art, such as sculpture and painting, function in relation to their present; being, simultaneously, in an open dialogue with the past and history of their medium and the heritage that follows it. The matter here is not a case of medium specificity, it is rather a state of flux of the aesthetic function of the work and how this is intertwined with the conditions that surround its making; a relationship between the work and its ground, whatever this may be.

Walt Van Beek is invited to create a site specific installation aspiring to function as a basis for the whole exhibition. A structure -conceptual or even intangible- aiming to relate to the space and to the function of exhibiting and displaying, and, through that, to form a place or ground for the other works.

Grégory Sugnaux at FAQ Galerie / Basel

Grégory Sugnaux (CH) / Palais de Confettis

1.-29.09.2017 each Friday 12-18

FAQ Galerie,
St. Johanns-Ring 133, 4056 Basel

DESTE PRIZE: AN ANNIVERSARY EXHIBITION, 1999-2015 at Museum of Cycladic Art / Athens, Greece


participating artists: 
Loukia Alavanou, Anastasia Douka, Eirene Efstathiou, Christodoulos Panayiotou, Maria Papadimitriou, Angelo Plessas, Georgia Sagri, Kostas Sahpazis, and Panayota Tzamourani.

Duration: April 6 – September 17, 2017

Museum of Cycladic Art 
Stathatos Mansion
Vasilissis Sofias ave. & 1 Irodotou st. 
Athens 106 74 

Anastasia Douka 
LE COLLANT, 2017 (detail) -The thing you can’t get rid of-
Leather, rubber, paper, glue, employees biometric recognition system machine 
Dimensions variable 
Courtesy of the artist // Photo: George Sfakianakis 
Anastasia Douka 
LE COLLANT, 2017 (detail) -The thing you can’t get rid of-
Leather, rubber, paper, glue, employees biometric recognition system machine 
Dimensions variable 
Courtesy of the artist // Photo: George Sfakianakis 

Aki Sasamoto at Mendes Wood DM / São Paulo, Brasil

Aki Sasamoto

Wrong Happy Hour
12/8 - 16/9/2017

Mendes Wood DM
Jardins São Paulo 

Hubert Marot at Galerie Anne de Villepoix / Paris

Hubert Marot

01.07. - 02.09.2017

Galerie Anne de Villepoix
43 rue Montmorency
75003 Paris

Sári Ember at Ani Molnár Gallery / Budapest, Hungary


Sári Ember
curated by Flóra Gadó


Ani Molnár Gallery, 
Bródy Sándor u. 22, 1088
Budapest, Hungary

The Body is Victory and Defeat of Dreams at K-Gold Temporary Gallery / Lesvos island, Greece

The Body is Victory and Defeat of Dreams 
with: Arcangelo Sassolino, Aimilia Giannopoulou, Lydia Dambassina, Alix Marie, Andreas Stylianoudakis, Christos Mouchas, HOPE, Anna-Maria Samara, HART+LËSHKINA, Lito Kattou, Orestis Lazouras, Gjergj Bodari, Louise Plaze 
curated by Dr. Athena Hadji


K-Gold Temporary Gallery 
Lesvos island, Greece 

Artificial Tears at MAK / Vienna

Artificial Tears
Singularity & Humanness, A Speculation

Jean-Marie Appriou, Dora Budor, Mariechen Danz, Genghis Khan Fabrication Co., Aleksandra Domanović, Cécile B. Evans, Daiga Grantina, Matt Mullican, Sean Raspet, Sarah Schönfeld, Jeremy Shaw, Kiki Smith, Clemens von Wedemeyer

curated by Marles Wirth

21.06 - 01.10.2017

MAK Exhibition Hall
MAK, Stubenring 5
1010 Vienna

José Antonio Suárez Londoño and Santiago de Paoli at Lulu / Mexico

José Antonio Suárez Londoño y Santiago de Paoli 

16/8  16/9

Bajio 231 (corner of Manzanillo)
Colonia Roma, 06760 CDMX

In The Studio #184 Leonor Serrano Rivas

Matias Faldbakken at Reena Spaulings Fine Arts / Los Angeles

Why New French Art Is Lousy 
July 22 – August 26, 2017 

Reena Spaulings Fine Arts
2228 W. 7thh Street #200
Los Angeles, Ca 90057

So I traveled a great deal...at Matthew Marks Gallery / New York

So I traveled a great deal...
Organized by Vincent Fecteau and Jordan Stein

Jordan Belson, Isabella Kirkland, Joanne Kyger, Jack Mendenhall, Robert Strini, Tisa Walden 

July 6 - August 18, 2017 

Matthew Marks Gallery 
522 W 22 Street 
New York

Joanne Kyger
Courtesy Matthew Marks Gallery and University of California,
Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive

Pakui Hardware at SIC Gallery / Helsinki

Pakui Hardware / Creatures of Habit

5.8.2017 - 3.9.2017

SIC Gallery 
Makasiini L3
Tyynenmerenkatu 6 C
00220 Helsinki

RODRIGO HERNÁNDEZ at Galeria Madragoa / Lisbon


17 May – August 19th, 2017

Galeria Madragoa 
Rua do Machadinho, 45
1200-705 Lisboa 

Cody Tumblin at Good Enough / Atlanta

Cody Tumblin / It Blooms Tomorrow 

28 July – 13 August 2017 

Good Enough
1469 Fairbanks St Sw
Atlanta, GA 30310

Schickern at Loggia / Munich

Iza Tarasewicz, Laura Hinrichsmeyer, Jonathan Penca, Yutie Lee

19.07. - 20.08.2017

Gabelsbergerstr. 26 | 80333 | München

Medusa Rafting at Westbahnstraße 7 / Vienna

Medusa Rafting / Organized by Yves-Michele Saß and Ivan Pérard

Aline Sofie Rainer, Ivan Pérard, Jana Zaharijević, Max Kolten, Yngvild Sæter

29.07. – 31.07.2017

Westbahnstraße 7, Vienna

Yngvild Sæter, Rex, Bike helmets, resin and lacquer

Kiki Kogelnik at Kunsthall Stavanger / Stavanger

Kiki Kogelnik
Inner Life

30 March - 13 August 2017

Kunsthall Stavanger 
Madlaveien 33
4009 Stavanger

Every Line Tells Its Own Story at Nathalie Halgand / Vienna

Athanasios Argianas, Cornelia Baltes, Clare Gasson, Rowena Hughes, Charlotte Klobassa, Yorgos Stamkopoulos

29 June - 5 August  2017

Galerie Nathalie Halgand
Stiegengasse 2/3 (Mezzanin)
1060 Vienna, Austria

Morphogenesis at Francisco Fino / Lisbon

Gabriel Abrantes, José Pedro Cortes, Karlos Gil, Mariana Silva, Marta Soares, Tris Vonna-Michell,
Vasco Araújo, Adrien Missika, Alexandre Estrela, Arnout Meijer, Caroline Achaintre, Débora Delmar, Diana Policarpo, Irma Blank, Maria Loboda, Sasha Litvintseva, Saskia Noor Van Imhoff

curated by Joao Laia

16.05 - 27.07.2017
Galeria Francisco Fino
Rua Capirao leitao 76
1950052 Lisbon