DL review: Pepe Espaliú at garcía galería / Madrid

Pepe Espaliú

In those 25 years (En estos 25 años)
Curated by Jesús Alcaide

13 September - 10 November, 2018

garcía galería
C/ Doctor Fourquet 8, izda
28012 Madrid

Twenty-five years after the performance “Carrying” that happened in San Sebastian and Madrid, both in Spain, we can see the broader picture, not in terms of measurements, but in the selection of his pieces according to when he did them. A retrospective of a key artist in the history of contemporary Spanish art, who became more recognisable essentially after he made public that he had been diagnosed with AIDS. His illness made a special impact on his development, and when he learned about the diagnosis, he flew to Mexico, perhaps thinking of forgetting what had happened. However, after realising that he couldn’t make any changes, he moved to New York where he simplified and reoriented his iconography towards his illness, speaking about that in his pieces. At some point, he boldly accepted it on an artistic level and he produced some of his most important works.

At that time, it was believed that AIDS was contagious with only one contact with an infected person and, therefore, his goal was to make people understand that AIDS was a matter of society as a whole. That moment marked a before and after in Espaliú’s career. Renowned for his approach to art, even though for him it was a therapy, his work is all around the symbiosis of political and poetic symbols, which he was using far from the propagandistic style. Strongly influenced by coetaneous writers, poets and psychoanalysts, Espaliù created an intense and coherent body of works, recurring to signs such as scars, crutches, wheelchairs, masks and gloves. In a period of time when Spanish artists were mainly showing locally, Espaliù travelled around the globe, taking part in different shows, as part of a group and individually. 

At “In these 25 years,” we had the pleasure of rediscovering again the master, by seeing works for the first time, and even a few of them from a long time ago: artworks from private and public collections and from different decades and periods of Espaliù’s career. The shape of the show is immensely versatile as it’s made for those who are in love with the artist and with the aim of presenting him for the first time to the people that don’t know him.

The show gathers pieces which review his works, thanks to a selection made together by Garcia Galería and the curator Jesús Alcaide. An updated revision of his legacy can be seen, a selection of works that expresses his interests in sexuality and spirituality and the traumas and fears that are linked to both of them, works that bring him conceptually closer to other artists from his generation and from previous ones, like Walter Dahn or Louise Bourgeois, amongst others.

María Gracia de Pedro

Vincent Beaurin at MAAB Gallery / Milan

Vincent Beaurin / NUN

Curated by Domenico de Chirico

October 5 – 16 November, 2018

MAAB Gallery 
via Nerino 3 
20123 Milano 

Laura Gozlan at Parc Saint Léger // Pougues-les-Eaux, France

Laura Gozlan / Vitalium

24 September  -  19 October 2018

Parc Saint-Léger
23 Avenue Conti
58320 Pougues-les-Eaux

DL Review: Dialogue de l’ombre double at Centro de Arte Alcobendas/ Madrid

Dialogue de l'ombre double / Curated by Tiago de Abreu Pinto and Francesco Giaveri

Ignasi Aballí, Marlon de Azambuja, Mery Cuesta, Marcel Duchamp, Elmgreen & Dragset, Sandra Gamarra, Fernando García, Kepa Garraza, Cristina Garrido, Pablo Helguera, Fermín Jiménez Landa, Group de Treball, José Jurado, Diego Lara, Pere Llovera, Jonathan Millán, Muntadas, Daniela Ortiz, Perejaume, Dieter Roth, Aldo Urbano & Raúl Valverde.

12 September – 12 November 2018

Centro de Arte Alcobendas, Mariano Sebastián Izuel, 9, Alcobendas, Madrid

The duality between artists and the art market, and all that the word market involves, collectors, galleries, patrons, auctions and so on, is a matter that worries all the participants of this game. This is not a new situation. Nevertheless, the current condition of the mid-career and the emerging artists is not as wealthy as it was at some point before. “Dialogue de l’ombre double”is a group show curated by Tiago de Abreu Pinto and Francesco Giaveri that questions the relation between commercial galleries and artists over the course of their career. The show, which opened at the same time as the “art gallery season” started, reflects the dichotomy between two different sides with completely opposite roles the one of the creator and of the dealer, a relationship somehow stronger than a proper romantic relationship, as there’s not only marketing involved, but also all the personal feelings, attitudes and the approach to art and to the market itself. 

Both curators of the show have been working in commercial galleries for the last ten years, as employees and freelancing writers. All those experiences are the ones that made them think about creating an exhibition where the selection of artists is made by the relations they had with galleries and directly related to the works in which they speak about gallery space and dealers. 

The appropriation of objects around the gallery is mentioned by Fermín Jimenez Landa, Arrebato de tedio “confetti”, José Jurado, Cristal de Bohemio, from glasses that Jurado took all in the same night going to private openings in art galleries in Madrid, Fernando García with Banco Brisa, to the stolen Sotheby’s magazine that Cristina Iglesias took at the main entrance of the White Cube gallery and modified by covering all the images of contemporary artworks with white paint. The space itself has a devoted project by Raúl Valverde, who has photographed empty exhibition spaces since 2010, and by Elmgreen & Dragset, who have a storage work, amongst others.Not only can you find in the show the space or its items, but also connotations of art dealers in works like the ones by Kepa Garraza, who is sitting in a painting with Leo Castelli, or Charles Gute, making a strong point about the relevance of their role in the art world. 

Whether their relationships are harder or easier, art dealers and artists were created to be together on a long journey, and logically, they will end up speaking about each other.

María Gracia de Pedro

Cristina Garrido / Fernando García

Elmgreen & Dragset

*courtesy: Centro de Arte Alcobendas. Photo credits:  José María Díaz-Maroto. 

France-Lise McGurn at Frutta Gallery / Glasgow

France-Lise McGurn / 0141 

22 September  -  17 November 2018 

Frutta Gallery 
9 Duke Street 
United Kingdom

ektor garcia at Mary Mary / Glasgow

ektor garcia 


15.09.2018 — 27.10.2018 

Mary Mary
51 Oswald Str



Francesco De Prezzo at Palazzo Monti / Brescia

Francesco De Prezzo / Represent 

Curated by Marialuisa Pastò

October 6 – 20 October, 2018

Palazzo Monti 
Piazza Tebaldo Brusato, 22 
25121 Brescia 

Rachel Jones at Jupiter Woods / London

Rachel Jones / Mad Dogs

2 October  -  4 November 2018 

Jupiter Woods
Studio 61 Rollins Street
SE15 1 EP London
United Kingdom

Rachel Adams at David Dale Gallery / Glasgow

Rachel Adams / Noon

15 September  -  20 October 2018 

David Dale Gallery
161 Broad Street
G40 2QR Glasgow
United Kingdom

Mit Borrás at Exgirlfriend Gallery / Berlin

Mit Borrás / Mother Machine

22 September  -  13 October 2018 

Exgirlfriend Gallery
Holsteinischestrasse 18
12161 Berlin

Fabio Santacroce at Pina / Vienna

Fabio Santacroce / September

16th September  -  10th October 2018 


Große Neugasse 44, 1040 - Vienna

< pre > < history > Romanian* art now at Suprainfinit / Bucharest, Romania

<pre> <history> Romanian* art now

12 September - 26 October 2018

Naama Arad
Alle Dicu
Peles Empire 
Nona Inescu
Mi Kafchin
Mara Ploscaru 
Larisa Sitar 
Ioana Ursa 
Mihaela Vasiliu 
Kristin Wenzel 
Madalina Zaharia

Etaj 2, Sinatex Factory
Strada Popa Nan 82
București 024078


Daniel Boccato at RIBOT / Milan

Daniel Boccato / fly like an eagle

Curated by Domenico de Chirico

September 19 – 3 November, 2018

RIBOT - arte contemporanea 
Enrico Nöe 23, Milan

Brazil at Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo / Turin


Sophie T. Lvoff
Lou Masduraud 
Irène Mélix
Georgia René-Worms 
Maha Yammine

Curated by Bernardo Follini

September 13 – 21 October, 2018

Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo
Via Modane 16
Turin, Italy

Allison Katz at Gió Marconi / Milan

Allison Katz / Period

September 25 - 10 November, 2018

Gió Marconi,
Via Tadino, 20
20124 Milan

Without Nature at Nicoletti / London, United Kingdom

Without Nature

Aram Bartholl
Julius Von Bismarck
Hugo Cantegrel
Petra Cortright
Chris Dorland
Rachel de Joode
Mathieu Merlet Briand
Eva Papamargariti
Nicolas Sassoon
Rick Silva

Curated by Oswaldo Nicoletti and Camille Houzé.
Scenography by Ariane Bromberger.

28 September - 7 October, 2018

458-460 Hackney Road
E2 9EG, London

Vivian Greven at Aurel Scheibler / Berlin

Vivian Greven / a m o r e

September 28 - 10 November, 2018

Aurel Scheibler
Schöneberger Ufer 71
10785 Berlin, Germany

The Insider Outside at Rupert/ Vilnius, Lithuania

The Insider Outside

13-15 September
Rupert, Vilnius

11-15 October 2018
Kim? Contemporary Art Centre, Riga

GIRLISONFIRE (Monika Janulevičiūtė & Antanas Lučiūnas), Milda Januševičiūtė, Ona Juciūtė, Marjolein van der Loo, Vytautas Stakutis, Rytis Urbanskas, Naglis Kristijonas Zakaras

Curated by Giulia Civardi and Adomas Narkevičius

Vaidilutės g. 79
Vilnius 10100, Lithuania

Sporta iela 2
Vidzemes priekšpilsēta, Rīga
LV-1013, Latvia

Ben Jamie at Castor Projects / London

Ben Jamie / Comfortably Dumb

September 7 – 13 October, 2018

Enclave 1 
50 Resolution Way 
London, SE8 4AL

Nicole Miller at Koenig & Clinton / New York


September 14–October 27, 2018

Koenig & Clinton
1329 Willoughby Avenue
Brooklyn, NY

Hilla Toony Navok at Atelier Shemi / Israel

Hilla Toony Navok / Extensions

Curated by Smadar Schindler
July 14 – 10 November, 2018

Kibbutz Kabri in North Israel

Metamorphõseõn at Sultana / Paris

Participating Artists: Carlotta Bailly-Borg, Jesse Darling, Jannis Marwitz, Alexandra Noel, Katja Novitskova, Walter Pfeiffer, George Rouy

September 6 – 27 October, 2018

Galerie Sultana
10 rue ramponeau 
75020 Paris

Foam Party at KH7 artspace / Aarhus, Denmark

Foam Party
Rocco Ruglio-Misurell & Carrick Bell

9 September - 29 September 2018

KH7 Artspace
Sydhavnsgade 7, 2sal
8000 Aarhus C.

KH7artspace is pleased to present Foam Party a two-person exhibition of new sculptures and installations from Rocco Ruglio-Misurell and a new video installation by Carrick Bell. Ruglio-Misurell collects castaway objects and their impressions as a starting point to create ethereal installations that are both site responsive and other worldly.  Bell’s series of video installations, Lighting Rod, look at the relationship between stroboscopic effects, mysticism, and prognostication.

Foam Party is the first step in the exchange project between the two artist run exhibition spaces Horse and Pony (Berlin) and KH7artspace (Aarhus)

Alan Affichard at Studio Salon Hochparterre / Berlin

Alan Affichard

Idées Noires

7 September - 7 October 2018
Hochparterre Berlin – StudioSalon
Prinzessinnenstraße, 7

Vassilis H. at ALLOUCHE BENIAS / Athens

Vassilis H. | Hero of a Thousand Faces

June 22nd - August 30th 2018

Kanari 1, Kolonaki
Athens, Greece