Network error at INOX / Copenhagen

Network Error

George Rippon, Elif Saydam, Anna Zacharoff

18 - 25 August, 2019

Sankt Hans Gades Passage 4
DK-2200, Copenhagen

Photography by Asta Lynge & Benedikte Bjerre

Laura Hinrichsmeyer at Loggia / Munich

Laura Hinrichsmeyer / GOODBYE Deutschland

July 4 - 2 September 2019

Gabelsbergerstr. 26  
80333, Munich

Tom Volkaert and Zsófia Keresztes at ENA Viewing Space / Budapest

Tom Volkaert, Zsófia Keresztes/ Sunbaked Thirst With Love

curated by Peter Bencze

June 1 – 11 August 2019

ENA Viewing Space
Budafoki út
1111 Budapest, Hungary

All images copyright and courtesy of the artist and Everybody Needs Art, ENA Viewing Space

Adam Vackar at NoD / Prague

Adam Vackar / Nanospasm Lab

Curated by Pavel Kubesa
Text by Domenico de Chirico

July 24 – 1 September 2019


Dlouhá 33110 00
Prague 1

“Bilingual” at Soyuz / Pescara

Kalle Lindmark, Siggi Sekira / “Bilingual”

Curated by Domenico de Chirico and Marialuisa Pastò

Text by Emiliano Aversa

July 27 – 6 September 2019


Palazzo Mezzopreti Gomez 
Viale Bovio 29
65125 Pescara - ITALY

Paulina Semkowicz at SHE BAM! | Leipzig

Paulina Semkowicz / Bathing Suit & Surroundings
August 8 - 24, 2019
SHE BAM! | Leipzig
Spinnerei Str. 7, 04179 Leipzig

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Paulina Semkowicz born in Kraków, Poland is currently based in Vienna. She studied painting and scenography at the Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków, Poland. Her practice approaches different artistic domains such as painting, installation and set design as she is deeply influenced by theatres’ scenery, a milieu in which she evolves as a scenography painter since a couple of years. In the exhibition « Bathing Suit & Surroundings », she mixes the media in greater dimensions to create an immersive atmosphere and an emotional context allowing one towards an elsewhere. According to Paulina Semkowicz, the objects have a spirit: they are esoteric characters putting in question objecthood and personhood as an authentic artistic concept. The Bathing Suit is the protagonist of the exhibition. Superstar of the summer, it can be hype and normcore, embracing the bodies and hiding what History has decided to forbid. As the bathing bodies lay in pleasure by relaxing into a flying and healing sensation, this piece of clothing is the only clue to give away a bit of the psyche. Multiple forms are running in the background highlighting the central subject: this small item of textile is evolving curiously in these Nature and Landscapes, echoing to the human oddity. Paulina Semkowicz’ practice and her peculiar aura tell us stories; she creates narratives rocked by her inner imagination. Situations are fantasies, mystical and surreal.

Ebullición at Kunstraum Am Schauplatz / Vienna


Curated by Andrew Birk, Maximiliano León, and Lukas Willmann
Text by Sira Pizà

Participating Artists: Allan Villavicencio, Sofia Cruz, Christian Camacho, Lucia Vidales, Juan Caloca, Madeline Jimenez Santil, Jose Eduardo Barajas, Prras! Collective, Sangree, Karla Kaplun, Matias Solar, Victoire Barbot, Maximiliano León, Ana Segovia, NAAFI, Lilly Pfalzer, Andrew Birk, Alma Saladin & Marco Rountree, Pablo Cendejas, Daniel Hüttler, Andy Medina, Angelika Loderer, Isreal Urmeer, Paloma Contreras Lomas, Daniel Aguilar Ruvalcaba.

6 June - 15 August, 2019

Kunstraum am Schauplatz
Praterstraße 42
1020 Vienna

Lock Eyed at The Sunroom / Richmond, VA

Lock Eyed

Raque Ford, Sacha Ingber

27 July - 2 September, 2019

The Sunroom
2801 E Marshall StRichmond, VA 23223United States
Photography by Patrick Harkin

Le Monde Ou Rien at Sgomento / Naples

Le Monde Ou Rien

Alessandro Bava, Alessandro Carano, Giorgia Garzilli, Francesco Joao, Jared Madere, Marco Pio Mucci, Raffaela Naldi Rossano, Matteo Pomati, Margherita Raso.

July 22nd -  Sep 1st, 2019


Via Mezzocannone 31
Naples, Italy

Burn My Tent Till the Rent at Pragovka Gallery Entry / Prague

Burn My Tent Till the Rent / curated by Kristýna Péčová

Tomáš Bryscejn and Tania Nikulina

17 July – 10 September, 2019

Pragovka Gallery Entry
Kolbenova 923/34a
190 00 Praha 9
Czech Republic

Photography by Jan Kolský

Rainy Day Canapè at LM Gallery / Latina

Stephanie Hier 
Tess Williams 
Hannah Sophie Dunkelberg 
Tahnee Lonsdale  
Yelena Popova
text by Domenico de Chirico

June 8 - 28 September 2019

LM Galley
via Monti 8, Latina (Italy)

The Raw Morpology at A+B Gallery / Brescia

Davide Bertocchi, 
Manor Grunewald, 
Micheal Jones McKean
curated by Gabriele Tosi

July 2 - 28 September 2019

A+B gallery 
Via Gabriele Rosa, 20a  
25121, Brescia

In conversation with Gala Knörr

Pablo's Birthday, New York

María Gracia de Pedro in conversation with Gala Knörr.

I met Gala Knörr for the first time when she was back to the roots in 2016, after being around for a while. After some years following her practice we sit down and spoke about her current status and future projects.

MG: For those that don’t know you (yet), how do you describe your practice?

GK: A journey that encompasses an obsession with youth culture and the internet, and now that I am more of an adult a jump towards our uncertain future, all coped and faced with humour and satire to remind us that this battle without a sense of collectivity we are bound to lose. All of that combined with the plastic skills of someone classically trained, that uses paint as if in an emergency, a starting point yet expanding into other media, looking to diversify their language and facilitate reflections on its content to a wider audience.

MG: You were born in the Basque Country, but your practice is so far from the traditional sculpture parameters used there. Do you feel that your body of work is connected with your education and the places where you have lived? 

GK: Yeah absolutely! I think the main reason for that disconnect with the very established Basque sculpture tradition is the fact that when I was sixteen, I moved to Surrey (England) where I finished High School, my experience there opened up a curiosity for things, that artistically it would have taken me years to discover if I hadn’t had a diverse international experience so young. I did not get into art school when I was eighteen, when you’re that age you think that if the institution does not want you maybe it’s not your space. At my first year at Richmond University in London, my studies focused on Political Science and Creative Writing, which definitely still have an impact on my work today. I was interested in becoming an artist but I conceived that vision through my pen, and a month after finishing my freshman year I understood within me that I really wanted to pursue an art education. The almost 5 years after that, I obtained my BFA at Parsons in Paris, traveled a little, had a year hiatus back home trying to figure things out. Soon after I would be moving back to London where I got my MA at Central Saint Martins, and worked tirelessly in galleries and museums as well as at my studio in East London for 5 more years. All the cities and places I have lived or studied at have had an impact on my growth as a person and as an artist, they almost have been growing parallelly, navigating through different cultures has definitely shaped me and my work, sharing one constant: change. Change keeps you learning and on your toes.

nessun uomo è un'isola (2018-2019) 

Arno Beck at Schierke Seinecke Galerie / Frankfurt am Main

Arno Beck / Crystal Math

14 June - 31 August, 2019

Schierke Seinecke
Niddastr. 63
60329, Frankfurt

Espacio, luz y orden at JosédelaFuente / Santander, Spain

Antonio Franco, Cristina Mejías, Marco Montiel-Soto, Amba Sayal-Bennett, Stefania Zocco / Espacio, luz y orden

4 July - 24 August, 2019


C/ Daoíz y Velarde, 26
29003 Santander, Spain

In conversation with Diana Policarpo

Lisbon, Portugal

María Gracia de Pedro in conversation with Diana Policarpo.

Last year I was in Lisbon for ARCOLisboa and one of the organized tours by the fair was to the group show 10 Anos/ 10 Artistas/ 10 Comissões by António Cachola Collection. Once there, I felt completely attracted by Diana Policarpo’s work “Sun in Cancer”, since that moment until today.

Sun in Cancer, 2016 (Photography by Lucie Marsmann)

MG: I saw the work, I experimented it, but please give me more details about it. Where the voices were coming from and what did you want to transmit?

DP: That was the first of two projects dedicated and based on the work of Johanna M. Beyer (1888-1944), a German-American composer, as I spent more than four years investigating in her archive in New York. The musical work and poetry of Johanna was ignored in life and she was in fact, better known as an interpreter than as a composer, this is one of the main reasons why I wanted to discover more about her. My piece, in specific, it’s inspired in Beyer’s unfinished futuristic opera (Status Quo/ Music of the Spheres, 1938), that was lost for more than seventy years. 
After I found the scores and her letters in the archive, I looked at all these materials carefully and I created different elements, sculptural and aural to compose the installation. “Sun in Cancer” (2016) is a multi-channel sound installation piece composed with six audio channels and four seated sound/sculptures, steel scores and a large blue glass surface. Soon I have a commission for a new piece that will allow me to reproduce the stage work of the performance.

Sun in Cancer, 2016 (Photography by Lucie Marsmann) 

Les Enfants terribles at Espai Tactel / Valencia

Les Enfants terribles

Participating artists: Aggtelek, Raphaël Barontini, Christto & Andrew, Fito Conesa, Antonio Fernández Alvira, Natacha Lesueur, Momu & No es, Amanda Moreno, Miguel Rael, Michael Roy, Carlos Sáez, Luis Úrculo, Vicky Uslé.

Curated by Eduardo García Nieto 

June 1 – 9 August 2019

Espai Tactel
C/ Caballeros, 35. 2º. p3
46001 Valencia, Spain


Manolis D. Lemos: Feelings

14.06.19 - 27.07.19

The exhibition will take place in: 
Korinis 4 & Epikourou 26, 
Plateia Koumoundourou 10553, Athens

Extraction at GMK / Zagreb, Croatia

Extraction / curated by Àngels Miralda

Exhibited Artists: Ana Alenso, Callum Hill, Alina Manukyan, Alejandra Prieto, Miguel Soto, Matthew C. Wilson

Pavla Šubica 29, 
10000, Zagreb

We Will at The High of Culture / Krasnodar, Russia

We Will

Participating Artists: Pasha Bezor, Nastya Vasileva, Arthur Golyakov, Vladimir Omutov, Stas Tocka, Vanya Venmer

Curated by PLAGUE

28 June - 26 July, 2019

The High of Culture
Krasnodar, Russia