Work Together Stay Alive at Exile / Wien

Work Together Stay Alive 

Curated by Tzvetnik (Natalya Serkova and Vitaly Bezpalov )

Participating Artists: Caro Eibl, Genevieve Goffman, Guillermo Ros, Julius Pristauz, Philipp Simon, Sarah Księska, Vitaly Bezpalov, Vladimir Kolesnikov, Yein Lee

30th October – 7th December 2019

Exile Gallery
Elisabethstraße 24
1010 Wien

Island Thinking at MAH / Angra do Heroísmo, Portugal

Island Thinking / curated by Irene Campolmi and Àngels Miralda

Jakob Kudsk Steensen, Regina de Miguel, Paul Rosero Contreras

28 September 2019 - 26 January 2020

MAH Museu Angra do Heroísmo
Ladeira de São Francisco
9700-181 Angra do Heroísmo
Azores Islands - Portugal

Daniel Rios Rodriguez at COOPER COLE / Toronto

Daniel Rios Rodriguez 

Another Fire 

October 25th – November 22nd, 2019 

1134 Dupont Street, Toronto, ON, Canada

Walking the Cow at Good Weather (hosted by The Green Gallery) / Milwaukee

Walking the Cow
with: Mike Cloud, Annabeth Marks, Ezra Tessler
November 8 – December 10, 2019
Good Weather
Hosted by:
The Green Gallery
West 3849 N. Palmer St., 
Milwaukee, WI 53212

Pakui Hardware at Polansky Gallery / Prague

Pakui Hardware / Thrivers

7th November 2019 – 11th January 2020

Polansky Gallery
Veletržní 45
17000 Prague 
Czech Republic

David von Bahr - Roxman Gatt at Ultrastudio / Pescara - Los Angeles

David Von Bahr, AFFRESCO - ULTRASTUDIO, Pescara


27.10.2019 – 29.12.2019
03.11.2019 – 27.11.2019

Sell Naples and Die at Galleria Fonti / Napoli

Vendi Napoli e poi Muori - Sell Naples and Die

inspired by Gennaro Ascione's novel

Curated by Lorenzo Xiques

Maurizio Esposito - Gianluca Panareo - SAGG NAPOLI - Sven Sachsalber - Constantin Thun

Galleria Fonti, via Chiaia 229, Napoli 

September 20 - November 29

Tenant of Culture at Nicoletti Contemporary / London

Tenant of Culture / Eclogues (An Apology for Actors)

30 September - 14 December

Nicoletti Contemporary
12A Vyner Street
E2 9DG, London

Text by Camille Houzé 

Theo Mass Lexileictous at Eins gallery / Limassol

Theo Mass Lexileictous
The Ice Age

08 - 18.11.2019

Eins gallery
28 themidos st
3036 Limassol

Nina Canell, Robin Watkins and K. Verlag at Progetto / Lecce

Nina Canell, Robin Watkins and K. Verlag at Progetto

October 19 - November 30, 2019

Via Idomeneo 72, Lecce

Lukas Janitsch at unttld contemporary / Vienna

Lukas Janitsch / Petra

October 25th - December 20th

unttld contemporary
Schleifmühlgasse 5
Vienna, Austria

SUSPENSION at Kunstraum am Schauplatz – Wiener Art Foundation / Vienna

SUSPENSION / Curated by Stephan Klee


31.10. – 21.11. 2019 

Mit Borrás, Frank Eickhoff, Jörg Gelbke, Spiros Hadjidjanos, Kathrin Köster, Leon Manoloudakis, Lauren Moffatt, Philipp Röcker, Marie Strauss

Kunstraum am Schauplatz – Wiener Art Foundation

Praterstraße 42, 1020 Wien, Austria

Inspections from Above at Lesage / Brussels

Inspections from Above

Kasper Bosmans, Denicolai & Provoost, Peter Downsbrough, Laurent Dupont, Kevin Gallagher, Felix Kindermann, G Küng, Annaïk Lou Pitteloud, Lee Nevo, Willem Oorebeek, Marina Pinsky, George Rippon, Kurt Ryslavy, Jelena Vanoverbeek, Steve Van Den Bosch, Maarten Van Roy, Richard Venlet

26 October - 1 December, 2019

Photography by Lola Pertsowsky

Gabriele Beveridge at Native / Perpignan, France

Gabriele Beveridge / New Works

11 September - 24 September

Native Perpignan

2bis rue des Cardeurs

text by Bitsy Knox

Cyril Zarcone at Galerie Eric Mouchet / Paris

Cyril Zarcone / Côté Jardin

12 October - 23 November

Galerie Eric Mouchet 
45, rue Jacob
75006 Paris

Photography by Rebecca Fanuele


EJTECH / All direction is curved, all motion is spiral

October 25 - November 30

Képíró utca 6
1053 Budapest

Photography by Dávid Bíró

"Correspondence" at Sanatorium / Istanbul

Yunus Emre Erdoğan, Clemes Wolf / "Correspondence"
Curated by Domenico de Chirico

October 25 - 01 December, 2019

Kemankeş Mah. Mumhane Cad. 
No: 67/A Karaköy / İstanbul

Athena Papadopoulos at Liebaert Projects / Kortrijk, Belgium

Athena Papadopoulos / "The apple nun"
Curated by Joachim Coucke

October 23 - 17 November, 2019

Liebaert Projects
Minister Liebaertlaan 1B
8500 Kortrijk

Thomas van Linge at Hero / Amsterdam

Thomas van Linge / Give Up The Ghost 

19th October – 16th November 2019

Beitelkade 4
1021 KG Amsterdam

András Cséfalvay at Soyuz / Pescara

András Cséfalvay / "Newtoniana - Differentiation, Integration and Culturing"

[On Screen] →

October 12 - 15 November, 2019

Palazzo Mezzopreti Gomez 
Viale Bovio 29
65125 Pescara - ITALY

Adriano Costa at Castiglioni / Milan

Adriano Costa / "Rock Whore Show 3"

September 25 - 15 November, 2019

Via Vincenzo Gioberti, 1 
20123 Milan, Italy

A conversation with Krista Clark triggered by her solo show “Untenanted” at Spencer Brownstone Gallery in New York.

A conversation between Krista Clark and Irini Miga triggered by “Untenanted,” an exhibition by Krista Clark at Spencer Brownstone Gallery in New York.

Krista Clark


September 13 - November 17, 2019
Spencer Brownstone Gallery
170-A Suffolk Street
New York, NY 10002

Krista Clark, Untenanted, Installation View, Spencer Brownstone Gallery, NY

Irini Miga: Let’s take it from the start. I would like to ask you how it all began, how did you first connect with art, and how did you arrive at this intersection of art and architecture? 

Krista Clark: I have always had a connection to art at an early age through the discourse of drawing. When I was younger it was my dependable, safe and familiar space. My early work was the result and catharsis of growing up within a black family in the predominantly white state of Vermont.

Moving forward in time, I arrived at my interest and intersection of art and architecture through a series of shifts in my practice. The initial shift came from my need to translate my organic drawings of spatial quests into a more tangible or perhaps relatable? language. The earlier phase was a search within the space of the paper and my process…I referred to it often as an expedition. The compositions were open-ended and focused on mark-making. Around this time, I started to observe the transitional architectural spaces around me, from the demolition of homes to commercial development to the empty lots in limbo. The sites all contained happenstances with poetic gestures and relationships of materials that I couldn’t dismiss. I was also looking at work by artists who were using “simple” formal gestures to stand or speak for a larger narrative. For example, covering or blocking parts of structures in order to erase them or negate their intended institutional power or layering objects in a specific order to highlight an implicit hierarchy. Initially, I began to ground my own language of mark making, previously aloft, by imbedding it within a drawn architectural space. I eventually moved outside of and broke away from the rectangle of the drawing and directly onto the wall, which already had marks for me to respond to and begin to map within. This move also forced me to contend with the physical space of the room I was working within. The next continual shifts came through materials, first tar or roofing paper, sheets of insulation, orange fencing…all allowed me to approach them at first through the lens of a drawing. They gradually became more three dimensional and the architectural space abstracted.

Krista Clark at Spencer Brownstone Gallery / New York

Krista Clark
September 13 - November 17, 2019

Spencer Brownstone Gallery
170-A Suffolk Street
New York, NY 10002

Krista Clark, Untenanted, Installation View

Krista Clark_Layaway, 2019
Wood, bungee cord, plastic sheets, concrete, corded work light, and hardware
8 x 11 x 4 ft

Rocco Ruglio-Misurell at Jak zapomnieć / Kraków

Rocco Ruglio-Misurell / Nothing Gets Lost, Nothing Is Wasted
October 25 - November 20, 2019
Jak zapomnieć
Dietla 7, Kraków, 

Image courtesy of the artist

Image courtesy of the artist

Undocumented at PS120 / Berlin

Undocumented / Co-Curated by Juliet Kothe and Justin Polera

Katja Aufleger, Julian Charrière, Petrit Halilaj, Christine Sun Kim, Yann-Vari Schubert , Alvaro Urbano

13.9- 9.11,  2019

Potsdamer Straße 120, 10785, Berlin