Matthew Brown at Disneyland Paris / Perth (Boorloo)

Matthew Brown / Museum (DP)

April 7 – April 27 2024

Disneyland Paris
Perth (Boorloo), Western Australia

Photography bt art_doc

Diamond Collection
Collection of 37 ‘Dialga’.

Pearl Collection
Collection of 62 ‘Palkia’.

Space-Time Creation
PSA Graded MINT (9) ‘Dialga’ Pokemon TCG Card, PSA Graded MINT (9) ‘Palkia’ Pokemon TCG Card.

‘Museum (DP)’consists of over 100 collectible objects that were purchased online. The collected objects each represent either ‘Dialga’ or ‘Palkia’ - legendary 1/1 Pokémon fromthe franchise’s Generation 4 games ‘Pokémon: Diamond Version’ and ‘Pokémon: PearlVersion’ (initially released for the Nintendo DS). Prior to obtaining these objects, each of the ‘Dialga’ and ‘Palkia' figures were owned by md11_er, a Pokémon collector based in the United States. md11_er recently became a pilot and - with what one can only assume to be an incredibly heavy heart - decided to sell part oftheir significant collection of Pokémon objects, in order to create both additional space and additional funds to support their growing collection of model aircraft.