DELLE at WAF / Wien

Sebastian Haaf and Clemens Tschurtschenthaler 

05.04 - 12.04.2024

WAF, nextdoor
Schadekgasse 6, 1060 Wien

DELLE... sometimes the only thing left to do is to curl up into a ball and just laythere.Stumbling around, tipping over and bumping into each other – exchangingenergy by coming together in the same place at the same time. Maybe adent is a physical data carrier, or a trace of communication between twoentities interacting with one another through tension and release. Dentsare short moments preserved on a surface.There is this intuition to create spaces to separate oneself from theenvironment. Spaces of comfort, protection, preservation. They’rebubbles that encircle something that is to be secured. Dealing with primalintuitions in an urbanized environment and balancing the duality of theso-called natural with the artificial seems to be a state of constant andseamless fluctuation.