INTÉRIEUR at Clubclub / Vienna

INTÉRIEUR / A Tribute To Erwin Hauer

Erwin Hauer
Ulrike Johannsen
Heti Prack
Almut Reichenbach
Sophia Latysheva
Stefan Lux
Peter Sandbichler
Esther Stocker
Barbara Sturm
Nazim Ünal Yilmaz
Alexandra Sascha Zaitseva



Dorotheergasse 20-24 Erwin Hauer Design 1 Foto Ulrike JOhannsen

Erwin Hauer Design#1, 1952, Dorotheergasse 20-24, Vienna, Austria, Photo: Ulrike Johannsen

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INTÉRIEUR photos: Stefan Lux


Erwin Hauer Dokumentation Clubclub Wien

Selection of works, Erwin Hauer, 1952-2016



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Clubclub Sophia Latysheva Fabian Seiz

Sophia Latysheva and Fabian Seiz



Sophia Latysheva

Sophia LatyshevaALULA, plaster, metal, 78x46x36cm, 2020




Clubclub Fabian Seiz

Fabian SeizOh Null (remake VII), wood, paper machée, made from early works (drawings), 61x45x37cm, 2021




Clubclub gesamt




Clubclub Stefan Lux

Stefan LuxBusters House, 36“, video HD 16:9, no sound, 2011




Clubclub Sascha Zaisteva

Alexandra Sascha ZaitsevaUntitled, ceramic, 46x25x25cm, 2020




Clubclub Peter Sandbichler Ulrike Johannsen

Peter Sandbichler und Ulrike Johannsen




Clubclub Peter Sandbichler

Peter SandbichlerUntitled, douglas fir, prototype, 90x90x12 cm, 2002




Clubclub Ulrike Johannsen

Ulrike JohannsenGolden Age / Interieur, detail, skeleton, temporary tattoos, wood, wallpaper, 178x50x45cm, 2020




Clubclub gesamt

Ulrike Johannsen, Almut Reichenbach und Nazim Ünal Yilmaz




Clubclub Almut Reichenbach

Almut ReichenbachUntitled, passepartout , cold porcelain, 24x17,5cm, 2021




Clubclub gesamt

Nazim Ünal Yilmaz, Esther Stocker und Barbara Sturm




Clubclub Nazim Ünal Yilmaz

Nazim Ünal YilmazThree forms of a man, pencil on paper, 18x19.5cm, 2010





Esther StockerUntitled, printed aluminium paper, 68x70x28cm, 2020




Clubclub gesamt

Barbara Sturm und Heti Prack




Clubclub Barbara Sturm

Barbara SturmI am the center oft he world, ink on paper, module for wallpaper print, 42x29.5cm, 2011-12




Clubclub Heti Prack

Heti PrackAushang, pigment, plaster, 37.5x25x4cm, 2020




Clubclub Erwin Hauer

Erwin HauerDesign #1, 1952, composite, 61x40.5x16cm


The Austrian-American sculptor Erwin Hauer was born in Vienna in 1926 and studied at the University of Applied Arts with Fritz Cremer and Hans Knesl. As a student he began in 1950 to explore modular sculptures featuring infinite continuous surfaces  and developed his first wall screens in Austria.
1955 he went to the USA on a Fulbright scholarship. In 1957 he was invited by Josef Albers to join the faculty of Yale University where he taught until 1990. Hauer’s patented designs were licensed to the New York firm Murals Inc. and marketed throughout the United States and six other countries. These designs are listed in Domus Magazine 1928-1999 among the ”quintessential works of modernism” and has found its place in American art history as “Modular Constructivism”.  His works are in numerous museums and collections.

Unfortunately in Austria - in contrast to the USA where it was rediscovered in 2004 – he is largely unknown. The latter is all the more astonishing sincere he realized some important early works in Vienna. These include the perforated stone wall in the entrance area of ​​the building Dorotheergasse 20-24, two wall screens in the Liesing parish church and one in the Neuerdberg parish church. Erwin Hauer passed away in Branford, Connecticut in 2017. 

The INTÉRIEUR exhibition aims to draw attention to Erwin Hauer in Austria and provide information about his life and work. It brings together Hauer`s work and contemporary art positions relating directly or indirectly to it.

Ulrike Johanssen