Max Cleary at Riviera Parking / Santa Barbara

Max Cleary / I Heard the Twig Snap

May 8 - May 9, 2021

Riviera Parking
Santa Barbara, CA 93103

Did you hear that?”

Hear what?”

I dont know, like a crunch.”


Well I heard something.”

Its the woods, theres always sounds.”

Yeah but-”

Its fine.”

I dont know, but-”

Its fine, its the woods.”

It was just really clear. And like from somewhere behind us. Maybe next to us, I dont know.”

Well has it happened again?”

I guess not, but I dont know I wasnt paying attention.”

I think its fine.”

tabs buffering

Hello if youre watching this then youve successfully signed up for knife safety courses okay so you just got your knife and you dont want to cut yourself or anyone else well this is this is how you prevent cutting someone else before you even cut your before you even use your knife you wanna do something thats called a blood circle its a technique I learned in cub scouts if you just put your knife in a circle around you and if no ones in the way of your circle that means you arent going to cut anyone so then you can open up your knife like this and then you can then you can cut stuff but since I have nothing to cut then Ill show you cutting stuff in the next video, I hope this helps.

all together now 

Wait now I think I hear it too”


Giant honeybees have been found to collectively create a shimmer” as a way to protect their hive from predators. 

My grandmother keeps glass jars half full of water all over her yard to keep cats away.  She cant remember where she learned this.  She says that the cats get scared away by their own reflection in the water.  Ive also read that people think it has more to do with a shimmer.  

Max Cleary is a Los Angeles based artist working with photography, sculpture, and painting. He looks to information, language, and images from popular media, evidential records, and technical documents as sources for mediation and emulation. His work speculates on the relationships between systems of control, image culture, absurdity, language, and space and how they influence and define world views.