Johanna Odersky at Shore Gallery / Vienna

Johanna Odersky  / Memory Aids 

4. November - 22. December 2022

Shore Gallery
Walfischgasse 15, Vienna 1010, Austria



In the presence of an event or in its absence ___________ here, let it wash over you, here _____________ 



Sugar mammal, slit throat
Infinitely tender in your cadence

Telling people you love them

Selling them ice cream

Holding their hands on an airplane

Forgetting youre not in Heaven

Then forgetting youre in Heaven

Then forgetting nothing

Remembering it all

Forgetting this is what heaven feels like

Like a manageable sucking




I gave pleasure to paintings 30.000 years ago 

I am etching here” into my lovers language, Here, I was here,

her body changes the lines Here in these frames many voices speak, a cacophony and each is diffractively threaded through and enfolded in the other.



The social depends on more or less convenient agreements of how to measure space and time

Lines are created as an effect of the repetition of certain walks and expressions 

Laugh lines, furrows through the fore 

head Here 

Here Here 

Well walked upon forest paths. But the paradox of the footprint is that lines are both created by being followed and followed by being created.



if memories are stored in the body, then to remember is nothing less than reincarnation.

don't disappear 

into my lips April

It is by following some lines more than others that we acquire a sense of who we are. 



Yesterday we sold out of pistachio, cookies and cream, matcha, earl grey lavender

Body orients towards person with strands of curly, gray hair. i ask: waffle or wavers she says she hasnt had wavers in fifteen years, proceeds to call the moment prustian”. i have no idea what she is saying, respond prustian ice cream temporalities,”  she laughs approvingly, the line behind her is getting long, what would it be like to lick, where the ice cream goes it drip drops onto her collar bones her neck her fingertips id like to suck them gently make her giggle quick and sticky it is a 100 degrees, she says, whats your name on venmo, i want to tip you i say theres a tip jar right there, she says, but your name, i say yes 



three more times Here it smells good down Here would you like a sample 


Sugar mammal, open throat

Tethered to the thickest part

Life is full of far and close most of all 

its the breezy stuff that keeps me Here


- Amanda Monti