Maja Lindberg Schwaner at Galleri Rotor 2, SE

Maja Lindberg Schwaner / Significant</3

Galleri Rotor2
Chalmersgatan 4
411 35 Gothenburg

3-5 December 2021








































Lil Nas X in a pink cowboy-hat, a whole pink cowboy-outfit, referring back to black cowboys on the way into the future, a queerer future. Kylie Jenner in a Slayer T-shirt, Justin Bieber on tour with heavy-metal aesthetics and a slogan on his back: Bigger than Satan.

Aesthetic trends circulate and mix, are out of fashion again.

Images and forms like skulls, flames, fringes, work as visual signs, referring to something but not anything fixed, meanings which gets invoked and created all the time but which are also confusing and vague.

What meanings and places are carried with these signs when used in totally unrelated contexts? Which new ones are created, if any? 

Maja Lindberg Schwaner