Amanda Björk at Galleri Konstfack I

Amanda Björk / stumma fält gas (numb grounds gas) 

April 8 - April 15 2021

Galleri Konstfack I 
Konstfack University of arts, Crafts and Design 
Tellusgången 16
126 26 Hägersten, Sweden


Amanda Björk (b. 1992, Kärda, Sweden) is an artist based in Småland and Stockholm. She is working in painting, sculpture, text, and installation. In her artistic practice, Björk considers material production, handicrafts, conventions of painting, and alienation between the human body and the land. 

The alchemical term solve et coagula describes the two stages of the refinement process that materials go through to transform into another form. Oak wood that has been bent by steam and fire. Silk canvas, plant dyed and impregnated in wax. Wet pulp made into sheets of paper reliefs. This work is a result of an idea of what dissolution and coagulation can occur in painting and how it manifests physically. 

numb grounds gas

body of dew

dark soft, a non-


and the axon of yours


Amanda Björk is currently studying the Master's program in Fine Art at Konstfack, Stockholm, and holds a BFA degree from Valand Academy, Gothenburg. 

Instagram: @bjoerkamanda