Amy Garofano at Good Weather / North Little Rock, Arkansas

Amy Garofano

Citrus on Pico

Apr 15–May 27, 2017

Good Weather
4400 Edgemere
North Little Rock, AR 72116

Arhythmic voices and sirens, sounds of buzzing and droning of traffic and power lines, car radios and whistling birds, stereo static and evening insects in rustling bushes, all become registering textures in Amy Garofano’s ongoing cataloging of the coded language within the systems that define subjective experience of place. Her forms— borrowed from design and architecture—scrutinize how those fields encode class and cultural attitudes. Particular to Citrus on Pico is the form of the iron gate: simultaneously acting as a barrier and portal between the private and public spheres. Garofano merges this reference with the subtle shifts of material phenomena: revealing the pattern of the gate through light’s interaction with the directionally perpendicular upholstered velvet. Is your body safe in this place? Are you allowed here? Can you pass through without trouble?

*All images are courtesy of the artist and Good Weather