Founded in 2011 in Athens, Greece, Daily Lazy operates as an artists' collective and independently run blog with a "Do It With Others" ethos. It maintains a distinct focus on artists and their practice, functioning as an alternative online platform dedicated to presenting new art through exhibitions, artworks, texts, interviews, and studio documentations worldwide.

Editors from diverse backgrounds ensure that Daily Lazy's curation encompasses a broad spectrum of contemporary art, ranging from intimate artist-run spaces to renowned galleries and museums. This inclusive approach firmly establishes Daily Lazy as a welcoming online repository, open to contributions from every corner of the art world.

Founder: Stelios Karamanolis

Co-Directors: Stelios Karamanolis, Irini Miga, Tula Plumi

David Attwood, Ashlin BallifAnaïs Castro, Tamara Dinka, Oscar Häggström, Irini Miga, Pedro Matos, Àngels Miralda, Emma Papworth, Marialuisa Pastò, Giacomo Pigliapoco, Giuseppe PintoTula Plumi, Marius QuiblierNina Wiesnagrotzki, Wisrah Villefort, Tiange Yang