Emmanuelle Lainé at Circuit / Lausanne

Emmanuelle Lainé at Circuit

9 March - 5 Mai 2024

Av. de Montchoisi 9 (accès Quai Jurigoz)
CP 303, CH - 1001 Lausanne

Photo credits:

© the artist, David Gagnebin-de Bons & CIRCUIT Centre d'art contemporain, Lausanne

Exhibition text:

Emmanuelle Lainé is an artist. She draws on her own experiences and observations to make art. She has worked a lot for the exhibition at CIRCUIT Centre for Contemporary Art. In the exhibition, Emmanuelle Lainé talks about work. She asks the questions: what is the place of the human in the workplace? What is the place of humans and objects on the marketplace?

Emmanuelle Lainé uses contemporary objects. Contemporary means of today. In the exhibition at CIRCUIT Centre for Contemporary Art, Emmanuelle Lainé uses ring lights. Influencers use ring lights to take selfies and make videos of themselves. Influencers work remotely, for example on social media. Influencers promote their experiences and observations online. Influencers sell objects or their art.

Emmanuelle Lainé also uses other objects. There are rocks in the exhibition at CIRCUIT Centre for Contemporary Art. Rocks often prevent people from taking possession of territories. Emmanuelle Lainé also uses grids made from steel. Grids prevent people from taking possession of objects. Not all objects and people can move freely between territories and on the marketplace.

Emmanuelle Lainé takes photos of contemporary objects and the people who use them. The objects also take possession of people: of Emmanuelle Lainé; of her partner and lover, artist Benjamin Valenza; of the artist collective CIRCUIT and of the artist Geoffroy Clop, who is doing part of his civil service at CIRCUIT; of the artists Samantha Steele, Anna Litomina, Cyprien Schaffner and Valentin Pasquotti Pirollo of whom Emmanuelle Lainé took photos.


This project is possible thanks to the support of the Institut français, the Collectivité de Corse and the stone cutter Sébastien Frémy.


Ville de Lausanne, État de Vaud, Loterie Romande, Ernst und Olga Gubler-Hablützel

Stiftung, Fondation Casino Barrière Montreux and Profiducia Conseils SA