Erik Swars at One Minute Space / Athens, Greece


Solo exhibition by Erik Swars

curated by: Nadja Geer and Frank Holbein


One Minute Space

Marathonos 71, Athina 104 35

One Minute Space announces the opening of the solo exhibition titled " L" by Erik Swars. The exhibition includes 7 works by the artist, forming a narrative through the presence and the essence of the color red. The aim is to create a dialogue between the viewer and the installation, visual and spatial.

The work of Erik Swars, born in 1988, is linked to the ​field of purism and experimentation, bringing to the forefront a spirit of change inspired by minimalist art in the late 60s and early 70s.

Among the works presented in the exhibition is "Ohne Titel (pieces)", a 16-minute video depicting two people in a landscape, enhancing the viewer's experience through the distortion of cinematic flow and the use of stroboscopic light.

"Behind the red curtain, Untitled (pieces) takes up an entire room. The 16 minute long

work gives the whole exhibition a background noise. It is the beginning and the end. Red the

dominant color. Strobo. Two people in a landscape. Red is also the color of the windows.

Beginning and end." (Erik Swars) 


The exhibition "L" begins on Saturday, April 6 at 7 p.m. and will run until May 5. Visitors will have the opportunity to attend One Minute Space and freely engage with the different aspects of Erik Swars' work​ in an exhibition of an inherently participatory nature, as stated by one of the exhibition curators Nadja Geer.

“L” is a situative constellation creating communication the moment you enter. Victor Burgin describes Situational Aesthetics as a kind of aesthetics where the form gets rather determined by the message not by the materials; therefore the concrete forms are intentionally only partly located in the real exterior space but partly also in the psychological, interior space. It is this form of aesthetics that Swars works with – so it is not astonishing that he describes “L” as a “Kare-san-sui” – a dry artificial landscape.


Exhibition curated by: Nadja Geer and Frank Holbein

Production: Nikos Katsambanis

Photography: Frank Holbein