exc – avate at FLⒶT$ / Cologne

exc  – avate 

24  - March 30 2024

Neuhöfferstrasse 12
50679 Cologne

Photography: Jan Hoeft

excavation(fig.01), 2021
4k video with sound, 24minutes

excavation, 2021
402 pages,138 images, plus a theoretical appendix with contributions by Dr.Ulrich Kobbé, Prof.Eckardt Lindnerand Prof. Miriam Schaub

FLT$ is pleased to present exc  avate.

exc is authorless, collaborative and examine sociological apparatus and processes.


The work excavation tells of two genderless characters who go through monotonous actions in an emptied everyday world. While their everyday lives seem to be the same, small iterations in the processes indicate that they are in a process of change. The processes from everyday life are repeated in a formalized black box in order to offer the viewer another tool for analysing the process.


excavation was produced as a film in 20/21. At the same time, analogue photographs were taken, which resulted in an artist's book with a theoretical supplement with contributions by Dr. Ulrich Kobbé, Prof. Eckardt Lindner and Prof. Miriam Schaub. For the project excavation around 30 artists, musicians, camera operators and set- and costume designers were involved.