Areoporto at Castiglioni / Sao Paulo

with Samuel Alves de Jesus, Arorá, Bertô, Giulio Bonfante, André Bontorim, Alessandro Carano, Stefano de Paolis, Anderson Godinho, Bianca Millan, Bruno Moutinho, Samara Paiva, Estevan Pelli, Thomaz Rosa, Sara Rossi, Paula Scavazzini, Marina Woisky.
Curated by Castiglioni & Thomaz Rosa

January 24 - 27, 2024

Sao Paulo, Brazil

All images courtesy and copyright of the artists and gallery. Photos by Julia Thompson.

Areoporto, intentionally misspelled, represents an error, an unexpected occurrence, a discordant familiarity.

It embodies the concept of an exhibition born out of opportunity, addressing the diverse needs of its interpreters.
It emerges within a defined timeframe at a location yet to be defined.
Focused on the present, it explores the relationship between space, individuals, and artworks—those brought from Italy and potentially taken back.
A (mis)path reflecting our era, marked by precariousness, temporality, transit, and passage.

Areoporto encapsulates all this, but it’s also…

The type and amount of information required to prevent viewers from being distracted by the mistake, encouraging them to discover new narratives rooted in the recognizable.
It involves dialogues among objects speaking a familiar yet uniquely understandable language, inviting us to listen.
It provides the necessary symbols to establish a connection between places and their inhabitants.