An Erratic Storm: Reaching Out to the Infinite at Alkinois / Athens, Greece


Participating artists: Manolis D. Lemos, Maria Mavropoulou, Petros Moris, Pauline Pastry, Mercedes Pimiento 
Curated by: Dinos Chatzirafailidis
Duration: January 26, 2024–February 23, 2024
Alkinois (6, Alkinois Street, Athens 118 52)

The exhibition An Erratic Storm: Reaching Out to the Infinite is concerned with the shudder and veneration that is inspired by humans’ relationship with the limitless magnitudes of empirically given things. Fading away from the rhetoric and any preoccupation with reason, this is a force that cannot be calculated or imitated - it presents itself as vertiginously complex and terrifyingly vast. 

The exhibition examines how the sublime can be reimagined in the context of our rapidly changing world and the complex, often unsettling, and ambivalent experiences that it engenders. The sheer immensity tries to claim territory between order and disorder, wonder and astonishment. Linked to the mind’s capacity to identify the interminable and overwhelm the ego, this is a situation in which the individual recognizes their physical powerlessness. In this process, the selected works address what cannot be commanded, grounded in an awareness of lack. As a consequence of this awareness of an incomprehensible form of excess, we come to a recognition of our limitations, and a fundamentally indeterminate reality is being revealed. 

The transformative nature of the contemporary sublime experience lies in its alienation of our perception, disrupting the stable coordinates of time and space. The sheer complexity of modern society finds its expression in the limitless boundaries of science, a rapidly changing technological landscape, and the awe-inspiring scale of the capitalist-industrial system. This sublime experience can quickly blur into horror when it teeters on the edge of dissolution and engages with vagueness, suggestive obscurity, and a continually unfolding otherness. 

Through a diverse range of mediums and approaches, the exhibited works are built around a set of unrepresentable ideas. Resistant to interpretation, they derive from the elusive realms of human experience. Lying beyond the limits of comprehension and definition, they mirror a type of grandiose pace that cannot be measured by our senses and may therefore be perceived as potentially dangerous. 

Photographer: Stathis Mamalakis

Poster by: Eleni Kaskoura

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