Sabrina Chou at 3:e Våningen, GIBCA EXTENTED, Gothenburg

Sabrina Chou - Gross Motor Skills

September 15 – October 1, 2023

Vasa kyrkogata 5,
411 27 Göteborg

3:e Våningen
Sockerbruket 9,
414 51 Göteborg

As part of 3:e våningen’s GIBCA extended exhibition program, NSFW/SVILOVA presents Gross Motor Skills, a solo show by Taiwanese-American artist Sabrina Chou.

In Gross Motor Skills,Sabrina Chou outlines an ambivalent space of logistics. Referencing logistics and its history as a term for the activity of organizing, equipping, and moving troops, the exhibition offers a terrain through which we can circulate ourselves amidst other sausage-bodies, fragmented architectures, and the sundries of a poorly-equipped mobile military corps. 

Gross Motor Skills gleefully confronts the increasing use of artificial intelligence to advance logistics across supply chains, data analysis, moving people, and more. Even as our intersubjectivities dissipate into quantifiable data-byte-bites, laboring bodies still need to eat. Yes! All we’ll have left is our bodies.


Sabrina Chou


3:e Våningen