Ak2deru at PrimaLinea Studio / Rome

Dimora, Ak2deru 

Curated by Domiziana Febbi e Eliseo Sonnino


PrimaLinea Studio 
Via Giovan Battista Gandino 31, Roma

Photo: Giancarlo Mazzano

PrimaLinea Studio is excited to present "Dimora," the multimedia installation created by the artist Ak2deru. "Dimora" is an immersive artwork that transforms the gallery space into a mysterious and enveloping environment. It provides the audience with a total artistic experience where visual, auditory, and conceptual elements merge into a single moment. Through the combination of multimedia elements, including writing, painting, video, and sound, Ak2deru creates an artistic world that challenges perception and engages the viewer in deep and intimate reflection.

"Dimora" is an exploration of identity, memory, and the meaning of dwelling, transcending historical moments and serving as a bridge through ancestral and timeless references to offer a subjective experience to each visitor. The installation takes the form of a tent supported by four large canvases, a double diptych on the "perpetual variation," a key concept in Ak2deru's work. The artwork completely transforms the space and features fractal elements where even the detail emphasizes the overall sense of the work.

The input that gives life to this work is language. The word "dimora," declined in the monosemic code coined by the artist, is shaped and investigated to its roots to test and express its variations and multiple meanings. These outputs are the generative principle, the energy that fuels the pictorial, auditory, textual, and video works.

Within "Dimora," the spectators are an integral part of the artwork. They can explore the space or simply immerse themselves in the atmosphere created by the installation. Interacting with the artwork provides the audience with the opportunity to interpret the message personally, to understand or rediscover their own idea of belonging. Art, visitors, and the environment become indistinguishable, challenging conventional spatial concepts and offering a new perspective on the relationship between space, time, and meaning.