Michaela Zimmer at Château de la Gardiole / Coaraze

Michaela Zimmer / L'EAUZARD

15th - 19th Sep 2023

Château de la Gardiole
06390 Coaraze
Côte d’Azur, France

 L’EAUZARD, performative intervention,Painting objects, size variable, acrylic, lacktex oilcloth, PE film, polymash, all 2023, - “180105”, “180104”, 180102”, all 185 x 130 cm, acrylic, lacquer, PE film, polymesh on canvas, 2018

Michaela Zimmer visualizes physical movement in installation, painting and sculpture.

Her paintings are based on a notation system similar to the ones choreographers use. Some paintings get cut out and are transformed to painting objects that are used to created performative interventions.
These objects remain as installations in the space after the live act.