Marcin Zonenberg at FORM / Wageningen, The Netherlands

Marcin Zonenberg  / Ceconstruction

22 September – 29 October, 2023

Wageningen, The Netherlands


“As the world continued with its perpetual demand for product, for outcome, for definition, here some form of construction prevailed.

The sculpture became a commentary on the intrinsic value of the object and the weight of its existence.

As notes on the boundaries set by expectations, even though it still seems strange to us today that the object need not serve any purpose.

As dwelling in that uncertain margin between the idea and its realization, between form and its definition. Beyond action, in the ambiguous space of what could have happened.”

Any process of deconstruction is not a process of negation or destruction, but rather an attempt to understand and fragment an object or concept from various angles, often highlighting the ways in which elements that seem coherent or unified actually contain multiple meanings or contradictions.

Marcin’s „Deconstruction” project addresses his interest and personal experience with architecture, particularly in Poland. The artist has spent the last few years observing housing dynamics in his country, focusing on

the effects of the political change that occurred in 1989 and on the difficulties that young Poles currently face in finding suitable housing during their study period.

Marcin’s works are created using furniture and construction materials.

The aim of his work is the deconstruction of familiar objects and artifacts, to which he gives new meaning through an abstract and unnatural juxtaposition of construction materials and common furnishing elements in everyday life. Each act of deconstruction for Marcin is, in effect, an act of discovery and, in some way, of visual regeneration.

The act of deconstruction is also common to various processes by which algorithms analyze and break down an image to form a new one, based on the same aesthetic and formal characteristics of the reference images. Through the use of AI, we have processed large amounts of facial material and photographs of Marcin’s work, deconstructing their structures to obtain new formal hybrids that directly refer to his research, while also delving into the complex layers of culture, identity, and the artist’s

personal experience.

All images copyright and courtesy of the artist and FORM Space, Wageningen