Ko Sin Tung at Feyerabend / Hong Kong

Ko Sin Tung 高倩彤 - Open Shell 敞開的外殼

Aug 3 - Sep 2 2023

Feyerabend, Hong Kong

All images (c) Ko Sin Tung


Before the prescribed collapse, we witness all that has been foretold. All the procedures are carried out step by step according to the regulations and guidelines, with the aim to avoid harm to outsiders.

The detailed descriptions are translated into actions. There are examples to follow; all of them proven effective.

Nothing goes wrong in reality. The additional object transformed and replaced its sturdy surface, while the internal structure became fragile due to division, gradually shrinking. The new structure took on the responsibility of protection at the edge of chaos, but the echoes of weight dropping did not abruptly stop even in the calmness of the end.