Bello e Impossibile at Bella / Zürich

Simon Fahrni, Selina Lutz, Vinzenz Meyner / Bello e Impossibile

August 25 – September 2, 2023

Limmattalstrasse 149 8049 Zürich

 Photography: Claude Barrault

A dog exhibition


We would like to ask if you would write a short text for our exhibition on the topic of dogs. Simon, Vinz and I are doing a show in an old dog salon on the theme of dog and we thought it would be such good idea.


A child Selina knows is very fond of dogs. It has made a drawing.


I will do what I always do. I have a hard time adapting my work to a group exhibition setting.


I'm fine and sometimes I'm a little on the edge of not liking it or being afraid.


The other two don't exactly know what I'm doing.


I am afraid of dogs.


Did you know about the "Great Dog Show" in Hamburg (maybe 1982) or are you somehow referring to it?

No, neither.


O.k. (the place no longer exists)

I’ll look it up


I won’t look it up



As I understood he wouldn't quite say what he was doing either.


Are you afraid of dogs?

Yes, I am afraid

No, I am not.


If I find that I have behaved wrongly from my point of view towards a person, I am tormented by the fear that it could have negative consequences on the external perception I expect towards myself. Do you understand what I mean?


I put myself in the situation of what it would be like to walk with a dog. In the picture of me walking the dog, it's cloudy, foggy, cold.


What constitutes a good art work for you?


Dog: (thinking) Good art works autonomously. You have to feel the urgency the work has. It must be precise in its form - whatever the form is. The content is usually the same with us dogs, which is what makes it so exciting, because the form is always different. A thousand dogs can approach a bone differently every time. I find that encouraging.


Text: Sereina Steinemann