Kelton Fausto Campos at HOA Gallery / São Paulo

Kelton Fausto Campos
When everything was earth

May 27 - July 8, 2023

HOA Gallery
Brigadeiro Galvão 480
São Paulo, Brazil

All images courtesy of the artist and gallery. Photos by Wallace Domingues.

Art and spirituality merge in Kelton Campos Fausto's solo exhibition at HOA Galeria in São Paulo.

HOA Galeria is pleased to present Kelton Campos Fausto's solo exhibition, QUANDO TUDO TERRA ERA (When everything was earth), which will take place from May 27th to July 8th, 2023.

Kelton Campos Fausto, who lives and works in the GLOBAL SOUTH, is a multidisciplinary artist, non-binary, and resident and founder of the platform and collective BRASILÂNDIA.CO. They produce and create images using various mediums such as video, painting, ceramics, and performance. Currently, they are interested in the plastic construction of the Brazilian diaspora's equivocation, creating spiritual spaces and scenes that propose alternative ways of apprehending reality and the body.

Recently, HOA Galeria showcased Kelton Campos Fausto's works at the miart Milano 2023 fair in Italy, where the gallery was awarded the LCA Prize for the best project in the "Emergent" section.

In QUANDO TUDO TERRA ERA (When everything was earth), Kelton transports us to an ancestral time where the connection between humans and the earth is deep and intrinsic. The exhibition invites the audience to reflect on our origins and ancestral connection with the earth, emphasizing the central role of clay as a fundamental element in constructing our lives. Inspired by the Yoruba myth that tells the creation of human beings from the earth, Kelton presents a selection of paintings that seek to reorient our way of being in the world, stimulating our primary senses of the experience of living. Through the Yoruba creationist perspective based on Odú and Olodumare — Destiny and the Creator.

A notable aspect of this exhibition is the careful use of clay as an alchemical element. Kelton collects different types of raw clay from various regions of Brazil, creating pigments and textures that evoke the territories and landscapes of rivers. This artistic choice provides a profound sensory experience, establishing harmony with the sacred and conveying a continuous rhythm of movement.

Visitors will have the opportunity to engage with artworks that transmit materiality and symbolism, expressing the intimate connection between humanity and the earth. Kelton Campos Fausto challenges established concepts and explores the relationship between temporality and acceleration, questioning the centrality of Western time. Their line graphics invite us to explore spiraling time and discover new perspectives and possibilities in understanding life.


QUANDO TUDO TERRA ERA, Kelton Campos Fausto

27.05.2023 — 07.08.2023

Visiting hours: Tue. to Sat. 10 am — 7 pm

Location: HOA Galeria — Rua Brigadeiro Galvão, 480, Barra Funda, SP, Brazil