Primeira desordem at ZDB Bookstore

We Have Fun
Primeira desordem 

Curated by
Joana Leão 

16/03/2023 — 03/06/2023

ZDB Bookstore 
R. da Barroca 57, Lisboa, PT

PHOTOS: Bruno Lopes

“The sculptures presented in the exhibition We Have Fun evoke the presence of their authors and the band that inhabits the universe of narratives they have been creating. If in one hand, there is the absence of the primary vehicle of musical creation — the instruments — we find what supports them, revealing a parallelism with the artistic project that originates the band project. The public is thus invited to enter this staging/exhibition, in which the various heteronyms of primeira desordem come together and in which it is possible to discover different layers of the work of this duo that has been exploring ways of fictionalizing reality.
— Joana Leão