Ida Brockmann & Hedvig Schroeder at KIOSK / Copenhagen

Ida Brockmann & Hedvig Schroeder

Constantly Sipping from the Wishing Well

10 Mar – 7 Apr 2023

Hovedvejen 7C,
Frederiksberg Hospital

When water is scarce, thirsty animals regroup into mega herds seeking to quench their thirst. But predators are waiting around the waterholes looking for easy prey. Soon, the weak and injured are weeded out. The power over the waterhole is an eternal game of survival where one drop of water marks the difference between life and death. Despite the risk of hidden predators, the instinctive urge to drink water leads the thirsty ones into a deadly trap every time.
In their latest collaborative project the Danish-Swedish artist duo Hedvig Schroeder &
Ida Brockmann sheds light on the vessel as an iconic artifact illuminating the different values we add to water. On the journey of water containers’ cultural history we meet a marble fountain, a video collage, and plastic amphoras stored in a refrigerator, all reflecting on water’s relation to market forces, basic survival, and wishing wells.
Today, water is one of the major challenges of  civilization. First we drank out of our hands from natural water sources. Then we filled ceramic vessels from wells and fountains. Today, we can find a bottle of water on any street corner. For many, bottled water has become synonymous with water itself due to the modern desire to drink “on the go”. The kiosk is a new type of waterhole where the water we buy is no longer just water, it is Aqua D'or, Evian, Ramlösa, Fiji and Voss.

List of works:

Vessel to-go (2023)
Water, plastic, steel
Wishing You Well (2023)
Marble, water, pump, coins
Free Streaming (2023)
Videocollage, 8 tablet devices
Recent Excavations (2023)
Dustpan, broom, unglazed stoneware
Containers 1-60 (2020-2023)
Unglazed stoneware 
1. Water the Way Nature Intended
2. The Purest Tasting Water on Earth
3. Pure Life
4. Pure Life Begins Now
5. A Natural Source of Vitality
6. Healthy Hydration
7. Remember to Keep Hydrated
8. An Authentic Gift of Nature
9. A Perfectly Balanced Taste
10. Everyday Hydration
11. It’s not just Water
12. Earth’s Finest Water
13. Ren Naturkraft
14. Fueled by Nature
15. It’s what’s on the Inside
16. Naturally Pure for a Crisp, Refreshing Taste
17. Back to the Source
18. Authentic
19. This is Hydration Redefined
20. Water like no Other
21. Follow Your True Nature
22. When You Can’t Think Straight Hydrate
23. Nature’s Perfect Water
24. Premium by Nature
25. Naturally Healthy
26. Anytime
27. You Are What You Drink
28. Water that Loves You Back
29. Good for Your Health
30. Sip on the Power of pH 8+
31. Purified & Mineral Enhanced Water
32. Naturally Crisp & Refreshing
33. Positively Pure
34. The Classic
35. Premium
36. Zero calories
37. Refreshing Thirst Quencher
38. Refreshing
39. Simply our Nature
40. The True Taste of Nature
41. Drink Pure
42. Pure and Special
43. Be in Motion
44. Trust in Every Drop
45. Quench Your Thirst
46. Nature’s Most Perfect Water
47. Refresh Yourself
48. The Choice is Natural
49. Naturally the Best
50. Rent Norsk Kildevann
51. The Ultimate Refreshment
52. For a Refreshing Sip
53. Life’s Perfect Drink
54. Pure Water, Perfect Taste
55. The Taste of Purity
56. A Bottled Gift of Nature
57. Your Favorite Bottle
58. Nature Bottled Up
59. Premium Natural Water
60. The Best Water in the World


Hedvig Schroeder

Ida Brockman