Clara Bahlsen & Sophie Aigner at Kleiner Raum für aktuelles Nichts / Berlin

Clara Bahlsen & Sophie Aigner: Aussendran die Beine

Curators: Anna-Lena Wenzel, Michael Disqué

Opening:  29. April 2023  
Opening Times: 6 and 13 May, 14:00- 18:00 and by appointment 

Kleiner Raum für aktuelles Nichts
Graefestrasse 91 (backyard) 10967 Berlin, Germany

Exhibition views, photo credit: Clara Bahlsen

On the outside are the legs. Even further out are the toes or fingers. There are also noses. Today I saw some of them again. We came together as a group, together with our teeth. It was a beautiful day. We talked to each other, and no one was afraid. Sometimes we are afraid, then our teeth chatter after we get up and don't stop until we are back in bed. Often, however, and this is fortunate, there is never more than one chattering nose per day, and this one can then lean on the others, and when it does, it is part of a group with extremely stable bones. Just the other day, one of us said, bones can be loose, but skin still holds them together.

Clara Bahlsen and Sophie Aigner engage in a dialogue in this exhibition, where photography meets fired clay. They assemble human limbs such as fingers made of clay, decomposed stones, and stones that are thought to have once been human. They like to appear in groups, though it remains open whether these are accidental or forced arrangements. And then there are holes, which appear repeatedly, for example in sand and nose. Their end is not in sight.


Exhibition text: Sophie Aigner, Anna-Lena Wenzel