MICHEL SANTOS at gr_und / Berlin


curated by Damien Sayer and James Verhille

March 24th to April 9th 2023

Seestr. 49 13347 Berlin-Wedding
`Michel Santos, painter and author (Fr b.1981).For his first solo show, Michel Santos proposes an auto-fictional installation.Playing with the codes of representation, he mixes both reality and fiction to depict his perception of society and his surroundings.The practice of painting and installation began with a desire to explore the physicality of his first novel, a tale of the French Parisian suburbs. His realistic and anachronistic observations, both humorous and tragic, are a path that anchors and reveals his entire universe. From figurative painting to dioramas and staged sceneries, this new body of work offers another dimension to his narratives.Taking his reality as a starting point, “Homeboy” proposes the possibility of an aesthetic evolving towards fiction yet universality.