Matteo Nasini at Clima / Milan

Matteo Nasini - A Distant Chime

01.02.2023 - 04.03.2023

Via Stradella 5
20129 Milan

Photo courtesy: Marco Davolio

Clima is pleased to present A Distant Chime, the new sound installation by Matteo Nasini part of the wider project Welcome Wanderer. Welcome Wanderer is an installation capable of translating in automatic musical composition the motion of the billions of stars of the Milky Way in transit above it; the harmonies generated by the celestial bodies are rendered through percussion instruments. The sound sculpture is composed of three separate automated modules made of clusters of different percussion instruments, responding to electrical impulses by generating musical notes corresponding to the characteristics of the stars currently crossing the sky above us. The artwork, through the use of mechanics and automations, becomes capable of perpetually performing the approximately 220 million-year score generated by the stellar transit corresponding to one revolution of the Milky Way.