DELTITNU at Montecristo Project / Sardinia

DELTITNU (Meta-exhibitions) 
Free thoughts of animals on the origin of the work of art and vice-versa

Curated by Montecristo Project (Enrico Piras – Alessandro Sau) 

11-11-2022 / 11-12-2022 

Montecristo Project, Sardinia, Italy

Deltitnu is the title of a new research opening at Montecristo Project. The term Meta-exhibitions indicates a series of experimental exhibitions that mix visual and narrative elements to address issues such as the origin of the work of art, its relationship with the world of art and the characters that gravitate around it. The project consists of exhibitions whose presentation texts are dialogues between the works themselves that reveal a narrative which begins with a mysterious murder. In the various chapters composing the project, of which this is the prologue and first act, the path of the young artist Deltitnu (a raw clay bird) is presented, and his encounters with various figures (artists, curators, intellectuals, critics, directors ) who will deal with his work, but above all with the dynamics that regulate its legitimacy, the methods of presentation and attribution of value. In the first chapter the dialogue takes place in the setting of a studio visit in which Deltitnu shows and discusses his works with a duck-curator whom he contacted to try to present his research to an art system professional for the first time. . In this project the photography of the works plays a visual and narrative role linked not only to the classic installation shot, but aimed at merging the "active" and "passive" elements of the exhibition space in order to stage a visual conversation between the works acting in the project.