Apartment Named Desire at Flip Project / Naples

 Apartment Named Desire

Alrun Aßmus. Carlotta Drinkewitz. Gaston Wilhelm Gnefkow. Natasha Faber. Johannes
Farfsing. Benno Hauswaldt. Carolin Hegerath. Niklas Hock. Philipp Kapitza. Erasmus
Leinweber. Frances Scholz. Naomi Shintani Deibel

With a performance by Frances Scholz and a reading by Mark von Schlegell.

Flip Project
Via Giovanni Paladino 8, Napoli

Apartment Named Desire 

An exhibition by the students of Frances Scholz from HBK, Braunschweig University of Arts,  Germany. 

Flip Project has always been a ‘case study’ within the independent/artist-run space scene along with  many colleagues carrying out similar projects in various Italian and overseas. territories. 

Many students over the course of this decade have dedicated their dissertations to non-profit  realities. 

Flip Project strongly believes in the educational role outside the traditional academic context through  an international exchange of educational institutions with an experimental approach, but above all  through the relationships and collaborations that activate a fluid 'art making', far from pre-established  structures. 

A multifaceted and energetic group of young artists engaged Flip Project in dialogue and discussion  during drinks and as a reaction to their brief affair with Naples.

Apartment Named Desire explores and leaves traces, temporary fragments, a Déjà vu – nevertheless, it stays for those who join in this moment of passage. 

Apartment Named Desire is a real place. 

Artistic ideas that are often getting lost during realization, are transferred to another location. What is  gained or getting left behind during this process is up to the viewer to desire. 

Apartment Named Desire è un posto reale. 

Flip project is an artist-run space in Napoli. It is an independent curatorial project, aplatform for  discussions devoted to developing models of collaboration that expand on interests in contemporary  culture and artistic practice. 

Flip is motivated by continuous changes in location and spontaneous occurrences thatextend from the  local to address the current milieu. Flip presents across a multiplicityof spatial situations where discussions take shape as exhibitions, publications or digitalfragments. 

With the Matronage of Fondazione Donnaregina per le arti contemporanee, Naples