Tiziano Martini at ECCPROJECTS / Chieri

Tiziano Martini ECCPROJECTS #04

19 September - 9 October 2022
Open by appointment only

ECC Project Room
Via Martiri della Libertà 2
10023, Chieri TO, Italy

Tiziano Martini (Soltau, 1983), lives and works in Val di Zoldo.

The panels painted by Tiziano Martini with two-component polyurethane coating are layered and smoothed. Their distinctive visual ambiguity (marble, glass, photography) arises from the complexity of the technique which implies the non- conventional use of technically well refined paints, whose surfaces are worked with high- performance tools. His work is a continuous reflection on the potentiality of painting, a dialogue with surfaces and materials, an everlasting shift from the default results. Instinctive and accidental, his painting acts as the recording of performative needs with

always different and unpredictable visual outcomes. From 2015 to 2019 Martini realized the so called Monotypes, which were the result of a long series of works on canvas, obtained by pressing the support, previously modified with acrylic paint, against plastic matrices. Through these works Martini intended to refine the generative processes of the image, always remaining in the balance between the will and the impossibility of total control. At the same time they represented for him a necessary return to the purest, direct and playful pictorial act to the gesture, concived with a sculptural attitude.