Pegasus Product at Showroom Galerie Georg Nothelfer / Berlin

 Sülzensaal by Pegasus Product

 30. April bis 9. Juli 2022

Showroom Galerie Georg Nothelfer,  Grolmanstraße 28 10623 Berlin-Charlottenburg

Galerie Georg Nothelfer is proud to present the first solo exhibition with the artist group Pegasus Product, founded around 2018.

Pegasus Product invites you to the Sülzensaal in our Showroom. Dine in style with the gôut du rue. Sülze means oral communication. It is pieced together and recycled from leftovers like the pressboard of the furniture. Eating out is culturally inscribed in such a way that chairs may just as well be made of microwaves, tables of clothes racks and kitchen worktops and fridges, and beer can be served from kettles. It is an interface one knows how to operate regardless. The way a painting on the wall is viewed depends on the context. In the restaurant, it happens sneakyl, when hunger or social thirst is the main concern. A lot of time passes for enjoyment and conversation while the art hangs in the corner of the eye and the seating has taken on your own body heat, the napkin carries the leftovers, the table has gone through a series of tableware arrangements and the Reichstag edition is received by ingestion.


Pegasus Product is dedicated to the broken, the open edge, the civilisational grind, creating artefacts and props of a contemporary mythology as a lens to view one's own existence and as a tool to locate oneself. Industrially produced in the all-encompassing logic of economy, the new pressboard furniture is cheaper than its material. As soon as its insides is revealed through the broken edge, it is disposed of, along with all the energetic charge it received through daily use, in a dark corner where anonymity and poverty can meet. As small islands of contemporary archaeology, these corners are like natural sources of witnesses to our existential context. Is the urine-soaked billy shelf a secret globe bar or house altar? Are microwaves chairs? Is the broken salt crystal lamp twice, or only half as effective? Pegasus Product is a young, dynamic joint practice of Dargelos Kersten, Anton Peitersen and Gernot Seeliger, who eye the generic consumer product with envy and blatantly seek to appropriate and further develop seemingly tried and tested products, to make the broken pressboard presentable and paving stones experienceable as energetically healing. (Text: Dargelos Kersten)




April 29: Opening mit Fingerfood (no reservation necessary)
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MAY 1: Gallerten Dinner (Schön, dass es allen schmeckt)
MAY 12: Gallerten Abendbrot
MAY 26: G. Schmaus
JUNE 9: A Jausen
JUNE 23: Schön, dass es immer noch allen schmeckt.
JUNE 30: Nachschlag (Additional date due to high demand)