Heikki Kaski at Sovintolan Galleria / Finland

Heikki Kaski / Muotokieli

Sovintolan Galleria

11 June - 14 Aug, 2022

and then after that this exhibition text:
**I’ve noticed that there are people who like to write as if there is no more 😘real😘 to refer to, no more 🙏truth🙏 to subscribe to, everything exists as readymade fiction for those who are observant enough to recognize that reality often exists in its packaging. I am no media theoretician and I will try to stay away from the kind of speculative thinking that romanticizes this internal split, break, rupture, whatever you want to call it. I don’t believe that being the one spinning the mirrors will—in the long run—add to whatever they love to call 💅discourse💅. Think of a person with red eyes from continuously staring at something bright, but motionless. Most probably we are all that person (remember: this is 🖕not🖕 a call for solidarity). Experiencing something similar to low blood sugar levels when faced with surfaces that reflect light instead of emitting it. ♻Revolution♻ is a word that is used both in reference to the full rotation of a road wheel as well as the phenomenon of social uprising—which one is the more possible? Theoreticians love to point out that language is impossible yet also foundational to our existence as humans. Two things can be incompatible, but simultaneously true. It is as if this paradox of whatever we can call 🙌real🙌contained some kind of answer to the fact that “I had this great idea the other day, but I forgot what it was.”

Text by Ieva Raudsepa


Heikki Kaski