Gustavo Torres at Delirium 2000 / São Paulo

Gustavo Torres
Curated by Leo Felipe
Organized by Tiago Malagodi and Rafaela Foz.

May 13 - June 4, 2022

Delirium 2000
Rua General Jardim, 556
São Paulo, Brazil

All images courtesy and copyright of the artist and space. Photos by Julia Thompson.

There is no future. Its substance was consumed for the maintenance of the capitalistic present, a time aligned with the inanimate and inert things, that accelerate vertiginously towards stasis leaving a risk of residual cancer and premature senile dementia. Whilst stepping on dry sand, lifting up dust at each step, repeats lowly to himself: the future has passed. The clarity bothers the ears. Stops and grabs from the backpack dark shades. After adjusting them to the face, stars the exuberant offer of goods announced in signs and speakers. Looking for products in promotion? Take an exclusive look at our selection of deals. Best prices and great conditions of payment. Staring at the pair of wireless earplugs, shinning like pearl earrings, notices that the conditions of luxury ostentation are also its affirmation. Poverty is a popular disease. Specialists in expropriation and discipline created a world organized around money to make us kneel. Over the shoulders the weight of debts, that couldn’t even have imagined in the worst of nightmares, running in interests. The weight contributes to the growth of grass in gardens of financial markets. Continues in the arid landscape. After going up the rolling stairs, walks between the dunes and sees the enormous columns of products. The forklifts work with admirable perfection, seeming to perform a choreography. It’s the triumph of technological appliance of science in the architectural space of capital. As soon as the wind starts to blow, the dust fustigates the face. Grabs the handkerchief, covers the nose and mouth. Behind the wall, the waste accumulates in an open area, exhaling the toxic odor of physical and chemical transformations of industrial production. I have the impression that everything that exists, everything I remember, everything my thoughts can deal with is videos of little cats. The chronically depressed humor transforms itself in survival strategy. In the end, amusement is providing a service. Cleans the dust of the glasses and aims at the blazing horizon of advertisements with motivational phrases. In the history of the affirmation of the system, the critique of the total form-merchandise always shone without ever leaving more than traces. Blinks and advances. The desert persists without limits.