Current Era Perspective at Laputa Art Center / Shanghai, China

Current Era Perspective / Laputa Art Center / Shanghai

Curated by Huang Youyu and Hu Xiaohui

Adam Handler, Peter Opheim, Ryo Laksamana, Peter Rhian, Nana Tedja, Montha, Arkiv Vilmansa, Benzilla, Pex Pitakpong Jamesripong, Pacowhy, Se-hee Byun,Ko Seung Cheol, Artnom, Feebee, KAC, Bibilei, Fanny Nicole Brodar, Wei Xing, Xu Yinliang 

26 June - 15 July 2022

Laputa Art Center

36F, Yuhuashan Building
NO. 328 Huashan Road
Jing'an District, Shanghai

Laputa Art Center and Suomei M50 Gallery are honored to announce that the "Current Era Perspective" Group Exhibition will be held on June 26th, 2022. The exhibition is the first exhibition after the end of the Shanghai coronavirus situation. It is curated by Mr. HUANG Youyu and HU Xiaohui and almost 100 works of nearly 20 artists from 8 countries will be exhibited. The end of coronavirus is a new turn and opportunity for us. We will adopt a new outlook and experience to view everything in the world from different perspectives. Contemporary art is continuously emerging and updating. Let's wholeheartedly embrace the diverse new ideas of the current generation of artists.