Caterina De Nicola at BALENO / Rome

Caterina De Nicola, Infedele

from 15.04.2022 to 28.05.2022

Baleno International
Via Montecuccoli 11G
00176 Roma

Baleno International is pleased to present its opening exhibition with Caterina De Nicola, Infedele. De Nicola’s work is informed and influenced by visual, philosophical and cultural references taken from our consumeristic society. Her approach seeks to recollect symbols, various commonly known visual references, and cultural and ideological concepts to extract them from their daily circulation. Performative acts, D.I.Y. techniques, elaborated designs, narrative twists, ironic situations, amateur decisions, music and sceptical behaviours are all kinds of manipulative interventions the artist performs on objects and symbols, evaluating their attendance in the larger cultural circulation. The show collects new works which were assembled and organised on-site in the days leading up to the opening. De Nicola frequently works with mesh-ups and hybridisations of various techniques, materials and forms. In this exhibition, she references familiar objects like windows and TV screens, but also cages and vitrines, spirals or screws. Noise can be postulated as a realm of anti-social cultural purpose directed towards the revolutionary transformation of an irrational social reality that insists on calling itself rational. Hospital for Anaemic Sound is a sound performance of the artist with an 1960s organ.