Chiara Camoni at SpazioA / Pistoia


from 19.03.2022 to 07.05.2022

Via Amati 13
51100 Pistoia, IT

SpazioA is proud to present, Saturday, March 19 2022, LA DISTRUZIONE BELLA, Chiara Camoni’s sixth exhibition in the gallery, one that comes in the wake of two other important solo shows in 2021 at the CAPC in Bordeaux and the CEAAC in Strasbourg, both curated by Alice Motard.

In this exhibition, Chiara Camoni presents Tesoro, a series of jewelry-sculptures obtained by melting other pieces of jewelry. In an inverse process that doubles back from form to formlessness, other beauty generates unexpectedly.

The cement-mixer Sfinge also inverts its role: a tool used for the production of material turns into one of transformation. Inside it, delicate tea sets and plates get shattered and crushed in a liberating, crashing jumble. The bits and pieces will reassemble into sculptural concretions. The woman’s dowry, jewelry and porcelain, undergoes unexpected change that results in new appearance.

The wooden sculpture La Venere barbona appears in all her ambiguity—either lately arisen or currently crumbling— expressing all her femininity even if such has not been described in any way.

Lastly, the video titled La distruzione bella interweaves shreds of everyday life with the processes of creating art, gestures, and voices in the day-to-day flow together with actions that are instead intentionally constructed and desired.

LA DISTRUZIONE BELLA expresses our desire to transform and supplant pre-ordered hierarchies through playful, irreverent processes. The minus sign turns positive without being contradicted.