Miho Dohi at HAGIWARA PROJECTS / Tokyo

Miho Dohi

January 15 - February 19, 2022

〒135-0006 東京都江東区常盤
1-13-6-1F 1-13-6-1F Tokiwa, Koto-ku, Tokyo 135-0006 Japan

Opening January 15, HAGIWARA PROJECTS is pleased to announce a solo exhibition by Miho Dohi. This will be Dohi's third solo exhibition at our gallery in four years. Dohi creates sculptures by combining various materials such as brass, copper plate, string, cloth, paper and wood with paint. She carefully scoops up the effects that the shapes,textures, and colors of the materials have on each other, and combines them in a way that can sometimes be described as experimental. Her works, which do not have a specific theme or finished form, but are the result of a relentless search for the possibility of creating something unknown, have an organic presence, as the elements of the structure are unevenly opposed to each other, yet all are in convincing harmony. Dohi calls such works "buttai", "but-" means "things" and " -tai" means "body" in Japanese, which evoke a variety of things depending on the viewer, but refuse to be fixed to any one meaning or existing perception.