Feng Zhixuan at Gene Gallery / Shanghai

 Feng Zhixuan / Parallel Soul: The Ultimate Guide to the natural history

January 4 - February 21, 2022

Gene Gallery

Room 312, No.200, Middle Sichuan Rd

Shanghai, China

Image courtesy of the artist and gallery

Natural-history is an unique historical act to the colonial era, which reached its peak at the end of the 19th century. In the city of construction, bankers and aristocratic hunters stand high above the museum, restoring the dinosaur fossils which excavated from the foundations of skyscraper to their walking state. They declare the ownership of global materials, natural landscapes and even life in the posture of the creator.After more than a century of urbanization, the geological layer of the Anthropocene gradually stratified. 

Feng Zhixuan pays attention to the possibility of remaining materials in the Anthropocene. He tries to collect and discover the civilization symbols of materials in the production process of the Anthropocene. Feng breaks away from the horizontal viewing of natural landscapes and artificial materials, compress the time axis to establish a perspective on the Anthropocene. Finally, in front of forms and models, material particles, random myths and landscapes are combined like probability waves. The texture of materials forms the book of sand in the Anthropocene, it replaces writing with touch, thinking vertically between traces, parallel to the current urban landscape.