Tobias Hoffkencht at A+B Gallery / Brescia

Tobias Hoffkencht

27.11.2021 - 12.02.2022

A+B Gallery
Corsetto Sant’Agata, 22
Scala C, first foor
25121 Brescia

Images courtesy the artist and A+B Gallery
Photos: Petro Gilberti

PATTERN is the title chosen for Tobias Hoffknecht’s third exhibition with A+B Gallery in Brescia. It is the very first exhibition in the new gallery space in Corsetto Sant’Agata known for having been chosen, back in 18th century, as a location to host a Renaissance collection. The sculptures of medium and big size have been created purposely for PATTERN and will greet the spectator as a unique installation where colors, shapes and proportion of the historical architecture entwine with those more actual conceived by the artist. 

The games of proportion on which is based Tobias Hoffknecht’s research are a part of an idea of rupture of the limit set by the nature of the materials coming from the industrial standard. Intuition and emotion are the elements that give form to the metallic tube welded and varnished: this is the concept on which the project is based. The architecture of the gallery has been reconstructed with five new elements that will influence the acting of the spectator that will be on contact with the materiality of the exhibition.

Ral 3020, Traffic Red, is the color used by Tobias Hoffknecht for this solo show. Even the color is conceive as the standard material and it gives the object the ability to be identified as such. Surface, shape, color and space however have transformed it into poetical declaration.

 The starting point of the process of creation that the artist starts up with is the drawing which is the ideal element that could be the miniature of an object. Or an intuition generated from the urban ambiance and design catalogues. From the drawing Hoffknchet moves onto the 3D planning software whose task is to define proportions, connections and color. The solution that are afterwards chosen for the production of the artist are those that have the ability to cross or break the space in which it will be installed.