Wang Xiaoqu at SSSSTART / Shanghai

Wang Xiaoqu / WELCOME

November 6 - December 26, 2021


Building 15, No.2555 Longteng Ave. 

Shanghai, China 

Artworks image: Courtesy of the artist

Installation view: Courtesy of SSSSTART®, Start Museum Preparatory Team

Start Museum Preparatory Team will present the ninth exhibition of Genealogy Study of Artists Wang Xiaoqu: Welcome at SSSSTART on 2021 November 6th.

Painting is Wang Xiaoqu's main form of expression, and she uses a variety of pop images such as movies, news images and images posted on the Internet to restructure such everyday life and transform it into writing-style painting. Without deliberately thinking about the meaning behind the symbols or performing a critical function, she attaches vague imagery to it all with feelings, and seems to be more concerned with the tension between pictorial images and linguistic expressions.

"Welcome" is another exploration and extension of Wang Xiaoqu's language of her work. The title of the exhibition comes from her imagination of the revolving door of the hotel in early years — Wang Xiaoqu has been trying to dissect, deconstruct and reset the ready-made images from within the painting, and she likens this creative approach as a revolving door to question "what's on the outside and what’s on the inside". The "Welcome" posted on the glass revolving door is a provocative invitation for everyone to enter this mechanism, and the essence of exterior and interior is completely replaced without any awareness. The exhibition will feature a new series and several manuscripts, in order to present a complete path of her thinking and unique logic of image-processing throughout the painting process.