He Xun at Hunsand Space / Beijing


November 6, 2021 – January 22, 2022

Hunsand Space

No. 02, 798 West Street, 798 Art District

Beijing, China

 Image © He Xun

 Hunsand Space

The exhibition is the first exhibition of He Xun in hunsand space and a presentation of the artist's latest works in recent three years.The name of the exhibition "Fibonacci" is derived from a work of the same name in this exhibition. The composition of this work is like a children's drawing, and the spiral images such as squid, Christmas tree, horns, keys, bamboo shoots and spinning tops are constantly appearing in the content of the screen. Rising and jumping in a flood of yellow.He Xun tries his best to match the image thinking of viewing things to the children's flat processing of images, so that the flat "clouds", "snowflakes" and "babies" are simulated as reflections of children's hearts; in the history of mankind, It is this kind of innocent reflection that generated a "totem" existence through countless baptisms of civilization.We see these totem symbols in different civilized contexts.He Xun is just continuing the path of immaterial image manifestation to describe and convey the power of "totem".