Despina Charitonidi at Westwerk

24th. - 15 October

Westwerk, Admiralitätstrasse 74, Hamburg

   The famous fake news headline "Dolphins are back in Venice" gave the exhibition a point of reference of how information can be manipulated and talk about domestication and limiting species to speculate. Despina Charitonidi, performer and sculptor, deals with the term the artificiality in connection with the fluidity of materials and the relationship between urban and natural environments. In her series of works, concepts such as captivity, control and restriction are examined in relation to the depths of the unknown sea and its supposed materiality.
In the Kunstlerhaus Westwerk, Charitonidi is showing a series of ceramic wall pieces together with a large installation of iron rods and rusted seashells found in the port of Hamburg. The exhibition opens with a site-specific performance, the choreography of which she developed together with Michaela Daoud.