I Believe I Can Fly at Le Port Des Créateurs / Toulon

I Believe I Can Fly
Morgan Azaroff, Nils Bertho, Jérémie Cosimi, Mélanie Duchaussoy, Cédric Esturillo, Léo Fourdrinier, Makiko Furuichi, Emmanuel Gras, Alain K, Lucie Lanzini, Maude Maris, Raphaël- Bachir Osman, Lou Ros, David Shrigley, Piotr Skiba. Curated by Julien Carbone, Léo Fourdrinier and Yanna Pérol.

July 30 - August 28, 2021

Le Port Des Créateurs
Place des Savonniéres, 83000 

Toulon, France

All images courtesy of the artist, curators and institution. Photos by Léo Fourdrinier.

Like humanity throughout the ages, our society is undoubtedly concerned about its future; it never ceases to question itself, to analyze the omens by relying on more or less mystical processes. 

In this exhibition, envisaged as a fantasized ornithology, the bird, messenger of good or bad omen, is placed at the center of a civilizational prospection in a sometimes innocent, sometimes dramatic reflection. From ancient Rome to the radicality of digital technology, the bird reveals the possibilities. We too, like the bird "I Believe I Can Fly", borrow its lightness with the temptation to escape a reality made of a certain heaviness. Nevertheless, like Icarus, gravity always catches up with the intrepid in his attempt. 

It is the multiplicity of representations of this feathered beast that is, here, given to us to contemplate, to fantasize, to foresee. Breathing lightness and yet caught up by the gravity of existence, it prophesies a feeling of uncertainty: the air of time.