Robbie Auspurger at Ultrastudio / Pescara

Robbie Auspurger / GOOD BOY

August 1 / 29 - 2021

Via Raiale, 161, Pescara 

Photos: Ultrastudios Media House

In the realm of production, this delay of productivity
sustains the durability of the work,
but I’m still not able to point it out as a consumer.
Probably because of fascination,
the incapacity of having a consumption.
Sometimes I don't know what people want from me,
when they look into your eyes asking “do you want to be famous?”
I hope this question paralyzes everyone. Feelings sleep like drops over me.
Defining the sides of the body and moving along.
Falling through the edges and slogging away.
And the item in question just says
“no questions about anything”.
I don’t want to define myself, I don’t need to fight for myself.
I’ll let you project whatever you want on me.
How could you use this power?
An original can always be violated by the creation of his double.
A move between representation and repetition.
But sampling has nothing to do with repetition.
You can always create a new you or a new me.
I don’t feel loved,
I just feel like I'm responding to what you want.
It will always be a new beginning,
through an apparently infinite sequence.
So where those anxieties come from? In the realm of pop-culture,
understood as the violation of identity or copyright-related,
it will be seen as ethically inappropriate.
Then fanaticism became a virtue in name of relativism andcultural affection.
Democratic times, domestic times,
blaring the limits of seeing and desiring.
How you gonna fill the space between representation
and violence when you gonna imagine your girlfriendbeing cheated on X-Hamster?
You can’t avoid your imagination as much as you can’t get rid of your victimhood.
I think this is where the gestures of violation and reproduction
have to be found,
and why I’m still attending cultural anxieties.
Seeing should be forgetting.
While driving across Los Angeles
my friend Gioia expressed to me her sadness,
looking at palm trees lining Hollywood Boulevard.
So mysterious how they stand with so little grounds under their roots.
Most were imported from all over the world to design the
They were planted in the 30s,
now dying and most won’t be replaced.
It's so difficult to imagine such stereotypes falling over.
Gioia told me they create a kind of connectionbetween celebrities, glamour, and sex.
I never thought about trees dying cause of their old age.
Where do styles go when they disappear?
The act of copying should be an attempt to last forever.
I don’t know if as a ruin or as a way of active preservation.
It's probably a perversion to locate pleasure in being decay ....the refrain of my life.
Sampling his own personality may be invasive,
but what a pleasure to disorder and mayhem ourselves ...go wrong to stand out!
The sexiness of the true revolutionary...
till I’ve seen the face of the new radicalism, and it’s cute.
Seek and destroy is a move typical of appropriation, as well as producing and packaging.
Appropriated aesthetics will always remind you why you don’tlike yourself.
Everyone should shatter himself in order to self-understand.
Anyway, before or after,
something will be there to get you back on your feet.

Caterina De Nicola, excerpt from the text “Beauty Hurts! But not so much as the lack of it– A particularly seductiveness is the ontological ground for the desirability of all things”