PÚDER vol.4. _ Are you sure you want to reset? at Torula Művésztér / Győr

Bagi Attila, Dér Adrienn, Kárándi Mónika, Rózsa Luca Sára // PÚDER vol.4. _ Are you sure you want to reset?

Curated by PÚDER group

2021.07.17.- 2021.08.14.

Torula Művésztér

Győr, Budai út 7, 

9027 Hungary


The vision of a restart, the imaginary correction of the past or the future, the consideration of what chances one would have to quitthese all can be tentative exemptions from the present, once the past, seen in the light of the present, is immutable, but they are also essential mechanisms of self-definition, identity and self-reflexion.

Sentences starting with „I wish I were once again thereorif I could just do it, I would are always uttered with a clear consciousness of impossibility and, therefore, without consequences. But what would become of us if these reflex-like and maybe less thoroughly thoughts about wishes suddenly came true? If, by reexperiencing once experienced events, we could change our present or, by taking responsibility for our visions of the future, we could shoot forward in time? Would we be able to create harmony with ourselves and our environment if every idea we imagine to be true in connection with our past or future were suddenly to matrialize? Or would we have to face just another decision which is prone to be overwritten by new wishes?

Art as means of such wanderlust and repositioning has a long history and its 21st century voices express more and more loudly similar wishes and intentions to quit. But, whereas there are still no consequences, this kind of visual mapping is quite uplifting: it offers a more palpable way of experiencing what would be the potencial outcome if changes were made to oursettings”.

Text by: Luca Sára Rózsa
Photos by: Wertán Botond