Gut Feeling at Arti et Amicitiae / Amsterdam

Gut Feeling

Kate Fahey, Rodrigo Red Sandoval, Jack West

6-28 August 2021

Arti et Amicitiae
Rokin 112
1012LB, Amsterdam

Photography by Maarten Nauw

Cosmic forces like the sun, the moon, volcanoes and geological layers organise life in many ways. They are materialised in plants, food and the rhythms of bodies, bricks and buildings. In the drum of the production line and our heartbeat, in the veins lining the underworld of our cities and our anxieties. They resonate through the rise and fall of the tides, our alcohol soaked conversations, our mediatic and our nervous systems. We live our lives between cosmic actors and comment threads. How do we relate to this erratic flow?

Gut Feeling wants to listen.

In association with the exhibition, there is a public program with artist talks, performances by Marijn Ottenhof (NL), David Excoffier (GB/CH), Ivan Cheng (NL/ AUS) & Kristoffer Zeiner (NL/NO) and Tom Kemp (NL/GB).

A screening program, 4 Films About the Sun, curated by Àngels Miralda (NL/CAT) and a text by Zoénie Liwen Deng (NL/CN).