Pegasus Mythical Garden / Tutzing

Pegasus Mythical Garden

Dargelos Kersten,  Anton Peitersen, Gernot Seeliger

Perfomer         Flurin Mück   / / / /   Michael Poganiatz

Curator            Galerie Sinem Arslan

Marie's Happy Food and Drinks     /    Greinwaldstrasse  2      /      82327 Tutzing

Restaurant Forsthaus Ilkahöhe /   Oberzeismering 2     /      82327 Tutzing

Nordbad  /   Nordbadstrasse 1     /      82327 Tutzing

Opening 05.06 ////// Exhibition 06.06 – 04.09.2021


Cultural objects, that is human made items, are made from a soup of myth, tradition, language and memes while at the same time they are actively shaping their own material. Pegasus, a character from antique mythology, nowadays is often used as company logo signifying movement.

Antique narration, as well as technical means and ideas have been passed on through time. This means they themselves have experienced changes. How antique life may have been is in itself a narration, that is being written today, for which finds of archeological objects as well as textual records serve as references. A site such as Pompeii is so interesting because of the idea, that a moment in time has been frozen and that the traces have been conserved through time and not fallen victim to the carving of tradition or nature.

But a contemporary collection of neglected furniture on any street corner, may just as well represent such a trace and snapshot. What remains of a civilisation, given it was possible to gain access, is mostly what for there had been no interest, what was deemed use- or worthless. Today there is more rubbish than ever before, consisting of materials that may last longer as ever before.

A material such as particleboard has equivalently inscribed in itself the state of being scanned at the cash register and being pissed upon on the sidewalk. The broken off corner is synonymous to the defect of the bedroom closet. To see the amalgam of wood and glue underneath the imitation of the look of real (often scratched up) wood, creates a feeling of discomfort and the closet thus must be replaced by a new one.

Pegasus Product dedicates itself to the broken off, open edge, the civilisational grime and creates artifacts and props of a contemporary mythology as a lens for examination of one's own existence and as a tool to locate oneself.