Erik Gustafsson at NSFW/SVILOVA

Erik Gustafsson / Rhythm

2 - 30 July 2021

Vasa kyrkogata 5
411 27 Göteborg

A solo exhibition by Erik Gustafsson at NSFW/SVILOVA, Gothenburg

The show consists of five new works that oscillate between the abstract and the figurative. 
Gustafsson works with analog photography and looks at questions relating to the essence of photography beyond documentary narratives. 

He revisits the intrinsic elements of the medium, such as depth, meaning-making, representation, reproduction, and the possibilities to experience time and space on a flat surface. The common denominator for all the works in the show is how they relate to the title Rhythm: whether connecting to artists like Marina Abramovic or relying on sound when working in the dark. 

The latter is something that artists Martin Kozlowski goes into deeper in his texts to the exhibition when he captures the painterly aspect and movement of Erik Gustafsson's work. 

Erik Gustafsson (b.1987) is a photographer and printmaker based in Gothenburg, Sweden. He holds an MFA from HDK-Valand in Gothenburg. Recent solo exhibitions include Galleri Steinslands Berliner, Stockholm (2020), MELK Galleri, Oslo (2019) and 3:e Våningen, Gothenburg (2019). 

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