Nothing dared, nothing gained / Vital Information, Brooklyn, NY

Nothing dared, nothing gained


Raphael Barnes, Andrece Brady, James Brooke, Huascar Miolan, Nina Raquel, Sailor Boom, Corinne Spencer, Synead, Sean Waltrous

May 3rd - May 16th, 2021


Brooklyn, NY

VITAL INFORMATION is pleased to present our first group exhibition Nothing dared, nothing gained, curated by Emily Addison and Luke Mannarino. The title is a play on the phrase “nothing ventured, nothing gained,”  an old business saying that means by investing something you will gain more than if you invested nothing. Trying will always reward you more than not even trying at all.

This is a showcase of artists who take risks. When faced with society's trials, their own vulnerability, and life’s obstacles, they channel that energy into something; they channel it into what you see here. The capital A “Art World” tells artists that to be successful you must fall into a set of guidelines. These systems lead makers to believing that success can only be achieved in one way, and it is through the practices and life experiences of the artists here that prove that those systems will not stop them from telling their stories. Before mainstream outlets and major institutions were looking for artists to fit the buzzwords and hot topics of the day, these artists were deeply embedded in their own self discovery for years, wrestling  with their identities and practices in their studios or bedrooms between their side hustle jobs that kept them fed and sheltered.  It’s not just about the work itself but also the spirit of the artist. It is about their resiliency and persistence as people in the world. It’s about how they understand hard work, and nothing will be handed to them, so they have to be scrappy and resourceful in how their work is displayed or circulated. 

If there is one thing this pandemic has taught us it is that we need to listen to,  lift up, and support the talented people in our own communities and not the massive brands that watch us from their towers. The people who tell our stories are not always on a screen or glossy pages, but they are our teachers, bartenders, cashiers, and neighbors. These are makers who work and fight like us, and we thank them by giving them the physical space and time to tell our tales. 

This exhibition will include a  virtual performance series streamed via Twitch that may also be experienced live from outside the gallery featuring artists Synead and Nina Raquel on Friday May 14th at 7pm, and Sailor Boom! DJ Collective on Sunday May 16th from 4pm-8pm. 

We will also be holding a virtual panel discussion with the participating artists on Sunday May 9th at 2pm moderated by Yael Meegan. Please send us an email to receive a Zoom link for the event.

VITAL INFORMATION is a zine publishing collective of service industry workers who intersect with art and activism. What started out as a project to create informational zines for restaurant workers in response to COVID-19, VITAL INFORMATION has now expanded to include many more voices seeking an outlet to be creative and spread information. All members involved are based in and around the Crown Heights neighborhood of Brooklyn. Our shared vision is to circulate content consisting of art books, print projects, and informational zines to serve the needs of our diverse communities. 

The exhibition will be held at Darla Ebanks Gallery at 587 Franklin Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11238 and run from Monday May 3rd through Sunday May 16th from 12pm-8pm every day.