Mia Edelgart at C.C.C. / Copenhagen

Mia Edelgart / Floating Peanut  

April 15 - May 13, 2021  

Haderslevgade 43
1671 Copenhagen, DK

I never remember actorsnames, and as I am not good at remembering faces it is often difficult for me to recognize even the most famous of them. This infuriates him; his scorn increases as I ask him whether it was this one or that one; You don't mean to tell me,he says, You dont mean to tell me that you didnt recognize William Holden!And in fact I didnt recognize William Holden. All the same, I love the cinema too; but although I have been seeing films for years I havent been able to provide myself with any sort of cinematic education. But he has made an education of it for himself and he does this with whatever attracts his curiosity; I dont know how to make myself an education out of anything, even those things that i love best in life; they stay with me as scattered images, nourishing my life with memories and emotions but without filling the void, the desert of my education.
He tells me I have no curiosity, but this is not true. 
Excerpt from He and I, Natalia Ginzburg, 1962